Best Final year Projects for Electronics Engineering Students

Best Final year Projects for Electronics Engineering Students

1.    Design of Concealed Alarm System Based on GSM
2.    Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based on ARM and ZigBee
3.    Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles
4.    Embedded Ethernet Monitor And Controlling Using Web Browser
5.    Bus Monitoring System Based On ZigBee And GPRS
6.    On the Impact of Virtual Traffic Lights On Carbon Emissions Mitigation
7.    Smart Remote for controlling electrical appliance through android mobile.
8.    Virtual nurse- controlling wheel chair through android mobile
9.    Advanced android mobile controlling robot
10.    Smart and cost effective wireless electronic notice board message updating system from android mobile
11.    Accelerometer/MEMS based robot controlling through android mobile
12.    Android mobile controlled voice guider for patients/old aged people/dumb people
13.    Advanced voice based blind stick with voice announcement of obstacle distance
14.    Real time voice based station name announcement system in trains or   busses to alert the passengers using ARM7 and RF.
15.    Virtual care taker-voice guider for patients/old aged persons/dumb persons.
16.    Industrial safety and security system with voice alerts and message alert through GSM.
17.    Bank token display system with token and counter number announcement feature.
18.    RFID based attendance system with welcome voice messages.
19.    Embedded Secured elevator system with voice confirmation of floor number and alert messages
20.    Vehicle tracking based on GPRS.
21.    Billing information updating system based on GPRS.
22.    GPRS based Data acquisition system
23.    Single or Multi electronic notice boards with operating distance up to 1000meters using RS485 protocol
24.    Real time vehicle tracking with vehicle location indication on Google earth
25.    Efficient power saver for street lights using LDR, RTC, LEDs light with solar power
26.    Station names with distance indicator in railways
27.    Wireless controller for operating power point presentations with laser light indication.
28.    Voice guider and medicine reminder for patients and old age persons
29.    Agricultural motor controlling with motor safety and water level indicator using GSM.
30.    College Timetable and notice board display with auto SMS to faculties
31.    Electronic protection to exam paper leakage
32.    Design and development of a modern vigilance control system to enhance the rail passenger safety using GSM and GPS technology
33.    Anti-theft Security System Using GSM,   GPS, RFID Technology
34.    Locker opening and closing system Using RFID, fingerprint, password And GSM
35.    Fingerprint based Access Control system
36.    Fingerprint Recognition enabled Passport Management System
37.    Fingerprint  based bank locker system
38.    Fingerprint based Attendance Record System
39.    Finger print based elevator(lift) operating system
40.    Fingerprint based Electronic Voting Machine
41.    Fingerprint based Authentication and Controlling System of Devices
42.    Locker opening and closing system Using RFID, fingerprint, password And GSM
43.    A Low Cost Design & Monitoring Of  Automatic Irrigation System Based On ZigBee Technology
44.    Implementation Of ZigBee Based Home Automation System Using Voice Recognition
45.    Implementation Of ZigBee Based Home Automation System Using Voice Recognition
46.    Modern restaurants atomization for wireless menu dish ordering using touch panel and ZIGBEE.
47.    Touch Screen And Zigbee Based Wireless Communication Assistant In Airlines
48.    Touch screen and Zigbee based voice guider for patients
49.    Development of a smart power meter for AMI based Zigbee communication Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
50.    Remote Power On/Off Control And Current Measurement For Home Electric Outlets Based On A Low-Power Embedded Board And Zigbee Communication

Electronics and Communications Engineering Final B.Tech/ B.E, M.Tech/M.E projects: (B.Tech  B.E, M.Tech M.E – ECE  Final Projects)

51.    Bluetooth Robot with CMOS image sensor(SPY ROBOT)
52.    Remote controlled home automation using Bluetooth.
53.    Bluetooth based industrial data acquisition system
54.    Industrial devices controlling system using Bluetooth
55.    Intelligent electricity billing system using Bluetooth.
56.    Wireless secured data transmission
57.    Touch screen based   wheel chair control system
58.    Touch screen and Zigbee based voice guider for patients
59.    Touch screen based remote controller robot with wireless camera
60.    Touch screen based wireless PC controller
61.    Touch screen based smart home automation
62.    Touchpad-Controlled-Vehicle-a-Car-in-Future
63.    Smart horn  for vehicles with alcohol detection for drivers
64.    Smart blind stick with ultrasonic sensor
65.    Long range liquid level measurement in chemical industries.
66.    Automatic bottle filling system.
67.    PH meter.
68.    Alcohol breath analyzer
69.    Intelligent system for hazardous gas, human detection and temperature monitor control using GSM technology.
70.    MEMS based hands gesture controlled robot
71.    Hand movement  recognition  System Based Mouse With MEMS Accelerometer
72.    Fall Detection & Activity Monitoring For Oldsters
73.    RFID based railway platform to display exact position of each coach
74.    RFID which detects the icons beside the road
75.    Tourist guidance system with multi language system
76.    Electronic protection system to avoid exam paper leakages.
77.    Student college alert system to parents by their entry at the college premises by using RFID and GSM SMS technology
78.    Intelligent metal detection and fire alert robot
79.    SMS operated Robot
80.    Security guard with camera and night vision light
81.    Intelligent Fire extinguisher vehicle
82.    Advanced Train Ticketing System using Smart Card
83.    Unmanned petrol bunk system.
84.    Vehicle Parking System Using Smart Card
85.    Prepaid energy meter using smart card
86.    Automatic vehicle speed control and check point logging system.
87.    Wireless Electronic Notice Board using RF
88.    Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption for Security in Army Applications
89.    RF based industrial Automation System
90.    Advanced Vehicle Access control system
91.    Power Management System in Hotels using PC
92.    PC based Manual Guided Vehicle using RF wireless technology
93.    PC based Hi-tech Home Implementation
94.    Industrial Automation using PC
95.    Industrial Data Acquisition System using PC
96.    Wireless Notice Board using PC
97.    Industrial  electrical  appliances control using  IR
98.    DC motor speed and direction control using IR
99.    Stepper motor control using IR
100.    Automatic Room light controller with visitor counter using IR
101.    Auditorium Controlling System
102.    Intelligent Train Engines To Avoid Accidents
103.    The Smart Medical Refrigerator
104.    Embedded Green House Automation System
105.    Substation Monitoring And Controlling System
106.    Implementation Of Electronic Voting Machine Via Data Retrieval   System
107.    Touch Me Not A Fun Game
108.    Standalone data logger in SD/MMC card with time stamp for industrial applications.
109.    RFID based real-time attendance system with data storage in SD/MMC card for offices and colleges.
110.    Point to point GPS data logger for cab vehicles monitoring systems
111.    Industry parameters monitoring and controlling system based on embedded web server.
112.    Virtual care taker-online patient monitoring system.
113.    Zigbee and internet based advanced street light controlling system.
114.    Internet based data acquisition and display on web page.
115.    Internet based home/office automation.
116.    Micro controller based photo frame with TFT LCD.
117.    Industry/Home automation using TFT LCD and touch screen.
118.    Digital slate-an innovative slate for easy and fast learning process.
119.    CAN based dash board implementation and display data on TFT LCD.
120.    Interfacing TFT LCD  with micro controller
121.    Industrial automation and process control system using CAN bus.
122.    Ethernet and CAN interfacing for industrial automation.
123.    CAN base collision avoidance system for automobiles.


Electronics and Communications Engineering Final B.Tech/ B.E, M.Tech/M.E projects: (B.Tech  B.E, M.Tech M.E – ECE  Final Projects)

1. Speech recognition system for isolated words

2. Speaker recognition system

3. Coherent Point Drift for Biometric Identification/Ear detection

4. Face recognition using eigen faces

5. Character recognition using neural networks.

6. Finger Print Classification for Access Control Systems using ANN

7. Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using RLS Adaptive Filtering (Fuzzy logic)

8. Face recognition using morphological neural network

9. Finger print detection

10. Simulation of code division multiple ACCES

11. An H-infinity approach to robust channel estimation for OFDM wireless communication analysis>

12. Analysis of cardiatic signal using signal processing method

13. Simulation of WCDMA system and DS-CDMA system

14. Implementation of multi user detection using gradient projection method

15. Implementation of echo chancellor using kalman filter algorithm>

16. Performance of evaluation of spread spectrum communication system using matlab

17. Design and development of fixed cellular terminal

18. MSS reporting terminal

19. Speech recognition using wavelets

20. Sampling rate converter and digital equalizer

21. Adaptive noise cancellation

22. Image and data compression using DCT and MELLIN transforms

23. Developments of test methodology and test cases for ipv6 validation testing tool

24. Blind de convolution for image restoration using matlab

25. Video compression by sub-band coding using wavelets

26. Sequential jpeg image compression

27.PDE-Based Enhancement of Color Images in RGB Space

28.Joint Demosaicing And Sub-Pixel Based Down-Sampling For Bayer Images A Fast Frequency Domain Analysis Approach

29.Video Enhancement Using Tone Adjustment

30.Color Filtering Method For Cfa Images Based On Gradient

31.Depth Map Based Image Enhancement Using Color Stereopsis

32.Remote Sensing Image Denoising Using Partial Differential Equations And Auxilliary Images As Priors

33.A Single Image Enhancement Using Inter-Channel Correlation

34.An Improved Nonlinear Decision Based Algorithm For Removal Of Blotches And Impulses In Grayscale Images

35.A Secret-Sharing Based Method For Authentication Of Grayscale Document Images Via The  Use Of The Png Image With A Data Repair Capability

36.Adaptive Steganalysis Of Least Significant Bit Replacement In Grayscale Natural Images

37.Pixel Bit Manipulation For Encoded Hiding-An Inherent Stego

38.Robustness Of Offline Signature Verification Based On Gray Level Features

39.New Channel Selection Rule For Jpeg Steganography

40.A Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform Based Robust Watermarking Scheme

41.Feature Extraction Of Currency Notes An Approach Based On Wavelet Transform

42.Tumor-Cut Segmentation Of Brain Tumors On Contrast Enhanced Mr Images For Radio Surgery Applications

43.Wavelet-Based Energy Features For Glaucomatous Image Classification

44.Foetus Ultrasound Medical Image Segmentation Via Variation Level Set Algorithm

45.Non-Melanoma Skin Lesion Classification Using Color Image Data In A  Hierarchical Knn Classifier

46.Liver Tumor Diagnosis By Gray Level And Contour Let Coefficients Texture Analysis

47.Staging Of The Liver Fibrosis From Ct Images Using Texture Features.

48.Innovative Feature Set For Retinopathy Analysis Of Diabetes And Its Detection

49.Automatic Image Segmentation By Graph Cuts For Bio-Medical Applications

50.Automatic Detection Of Local Fetal Brain Structures In Ultrasound Images

51.Compression Of Graphical Structures Fundamental Limits, Algorithms And Experiments

52.H.264 Based Hierarchical Lossless Coding System With New Intra Prediction Method

53.Computer-Aided Lesion Diagnosis In Automated 3-D Breast Ultrasound Using Coronal Spiculation

54.Background Subtraction For Dynamic Textures Scenes Using Fuzzy Color Histograms

55.Gender Recognition from Face Images with Local wld descriptor

56.Automatic Moving vehicles information Extraction from single-pass worldview-2 Imagery

57.Outdoor scene Image Segmentation based on Background Recognition and Perceptual organization

58.A new change detection algorithm for visual surveillance system

59.Ranked feedback query technique for cbir systems

60. Comparitive analysis of content based Image Retrieval Technique using Color Histogram. A case study of GLCM and K-Means clustering

61.Medical Image formats, compression techniques and DICOM image retrieval survey

62.Content based Image compression for arbitrary-Resolution display devices

63.A high definition image pre-processing system for multi-stripe satellites image sensors

64.Unscented particle filter in road extraction from high resolution satellite images

65.Object tracking using high resolution satellite imagery

66.Multimodal biometric recognition using IRIS feature extraction and palmprint features

67.Improvement in Palmprint recognition rate using fusion of multispectral palmprint images

68.Iris Data indexing method using Gabor features

69.Removal of high density salt and pepper noise through modified decision based unsymmetric trimmed median filter.

70.A new adaptive weight algorithm for salt and pepper noise removal

71.High quality image recovery from dark region images using adaptive filter technique

72.Fusion of infrared & Visual light image using wavelet decomposition

73.Block based feature level multi focus image fusion in photoshop applications

74.Combination of discrete and stationary wavelet decomposition for image resolution enhancement for photoshop applications

75.Block based feature level multi focus Image fusion in Photoshop applications

76.Copy-move forgery detection based on SVD in Digital Image

77.Removal High density salt & pepper noise in quick transients or faulty switching images

78.Wavelet based enhanced fusion algorithm for multi sensor images in research applications

79.High capacity image security through Obscurity in Wavelet Domain.

80.Discrete wavelet transform based satellite image resolution enhancement for research applications

81.Online voting system powered by Biometric Security using Stegnagraphy

82.A novel data hiding method based on Integer wavelet transform and genetic algorithm

83.Wavelet based choosy pixel embedding steganagraphy for defense application

84.Discrete wavelet transform based satellite image contrast enhancement for research applications

85.DWT & SWT based satellite resolution enhancement

86.Probilistic Neural Network for brain tumor classification

87.Image Texture classification using Aritificial Neural network (ANN) for scene analysis problems

88.A new algorithm of automatic Lung Parenchyma segmentation based on CT images

89.Automated Detection of White matter changes in Elderly people using Fuzzy, Geo statistical, and Information combining models

90.Data hiding in Motion vectors of compressed video based on their associated Prediction error

91.Number plate recognition for use in different countries using an improved segmentation

92.Efficient relevance feedback for content based image retrieval by mining user navigation patterns

93.A texture based approach for content based image retrieval system for plant leaves images

94.Secret communication through audio for defense applications

95.Skin tone based secret data hiding in images

96.Retina image processing based on wavelet transform

97.Image segmentation based on effective Fuzzy C means in Biomedical

98.Curvelet based fusion in Medical Image Processing

99.Improving the Edge information of Image based on wavelet coefficient contrast

100.Secret data communication in common channel using integer wavelet transform

101.Liver segmentation in Medical application using Region growing method

102.Wavelet based compression with ROI coding for Medical Images

103.Shadow removal of Foreground detection in Video Surveillance system

104.Image retrieval using multi feature similarity score using Genetic Algorithm

105.Combination of SVD & Genetic algorithm in Digital Image Watermarking

106.Reversible Data hiding in Complicated Medical Image Application

107.Lossless visible watermarking in tele-broadcasting

108.IRIS Recognition for high level Security authentication using concentric circles.

109.JPEG2000 based image compression algorithm for remote sensing images

110.Medical Radiograph Image compression using Neural network and Haar wavelet


Electronics and Communications Engineering Final B.Tech/ B.E, M.Tech/M.E projects: (B.Tech  B.E, M.Tech M.E – ECE  Final Projects)

1.Performance analysis for MC-CDMA

2.Semi blind sparse channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM systems

3.Asymptotically optimal resource allocation in OFDM-based cognitive networks with multiple relays

4.High-SNR performance of MIMO Multi-Channel Beamforming in Double-scattering channels

5.Partial Transmit sequence scheme with New Phase Sequence for PAPR  Reduction in OFDM systems

6.Efficient user Selection Algorithms for multiuser MIMO systems with Zero- Forcing dirty paper coding

7.Energy efficient Delay-constrained Transmission and sensing for cognitive radio systems.

8.Energy efficient transmission for MIMO interference channels.

9.Energy efficient cooperative image transmission over wireless sensor networks

10.Low-complexity localized walsh decoding for CDMA systems

11.Time-domain signal detection based on second-order statistics for MIMO-OFDM systems

12.Blind channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM systems via non redundant linear pre coding

13.Blind identification of MIMO channels in Zero padding block transmission system

14.Training  signal design for estimation of correlated MIMO channels with colored interference

15.Algorithms for interpolation-based QR decomposition in MIMO-OFDM systems

16.An improved DFT-based channel estimation algorithm for MIMO-OFDM systems

17.Enhancing communication system efficiencies by wavelet implementation

18.Power allocation over fading cognitive MIMO channels: An ergodic capacity perspective

19.Power allocation in multiple-input multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based cognitive radio networks

20.Performance of Dual-Polarized MIMO for TD-HPSA Evolution systems.

21.Visual Cryptography for Biometric Privacy

22.Toward a Practical Face Recognition System

23.Robust Alignment and Illumination  by Sparse Representation

24.Smile Detection by Boosting Pixel Differences

25.Underwater Image Enhancement by Wavelength Compensation and Dehazing

26.Underwater Image Enhancement by Wavelength Compensation and Dehazing

27.Adaptive Membership Functions for Handwritten Character Recognition by Voronoi-Based Image Zoning

28.Implementation of An Improved Cellular Neural Network Algorithm For Brain Tumor Detection

29.Robust Interactive Image Segmentation Using Convex Active Contours

30.Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Nonparametric Bayesian INLA Approximation

31.A Method to Better Account for Modulation Transfer Functions in ARSIS-Based Pansharpening Methods

[/tab] [tab title=”VLSI – B.Tec List “]

1. An On-Chip AHB Bus Tracer With Real Time  Compression & Dynamic Multi Resolution Supports For Soc (VHDL)

2. Reducing The Computation Time In  (Short Bit-Width) Two’s Complement Multipliers (VERILOG)

3. Self-Immunity Technique To Improve Register File Integrity Against Soft Errors (VERILOG)

4. Radix-8 Booth Encoded Modulo 2n-1 Multipliers With Adaptive Delay For High Dynamic Range Residue Number System (VERILOG)

5. Design And Characterization Of Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGAS (VERILOG)

6. Matrix multiplication &det(VHDL)

7. Design of AES(encryption and decryption ) using with 128 key bit (VHDL)

8. Design of scrambler and descrambler (VHDL)

9. Design of CORDIC algorithm (VHDL)

10. Design of DES algorithm using 64 bit length (VERILOG)

11. Design of CAN protocol (VERILOG)

12. Triple des design in (VERILOG)


14. Design of Fault phase path method (VERILOG)

15.Design of I2C protocol (VERILOG)



18. An Efficient Implementation of Floating Point arithmetic block (VHDL)

19. An Efficient Architecture for 3-D Discrete Wavelet Transform. (VERILOG)

20. A Spurious-Power Suppression Technique for Multimedia/DSP Applications (VERILOG)

21. Design of On-Chip Bus with OCP Interface. (VHDL)

22. DDR3 based lookup circuit for high-performance network processing. (VERILOG)

23. Multiplication Acceleration Through Twin Precision (VHDL)

24. Implementation of FFT/IFFT Blocks for OFDM (VHDL)

25. A Very fast and low power Carry select adder Circuit (VERILOG)

26. QPSK(verilog)

27. RCEAT for Radio  Frequency Identification (RFID) UHF Tag (VERILOG)

28. DA-based DCT core with an error-compensated adder-tree (ECAT) (VHDL)

29. Efficient FPGA implementation of convolution (VHDL)

30. Design of Parallel Multiplier Based on Radix-4 Modified Booth Algorithm (VERILOG)

31. High Performance Complex Number Multiplier Using Booth-Wallace Algorithm (VHDL)

32. Design Of JPEG Image Compression Standard (VERILOG)

33. Design of an Bus Bridge between OCP and AHB Protocol (VHDL)

34. Design of an AMBA-Advanced High performance Bus (AHB) Protocol IP Block (VHDL)

35. VMFU Design Using Spurious Power Suppression Technique (VERILOG)

36. Implementation of High speed DDRSDRAM Controller (VHDL)

37. Implementation of DWT using(5,3) Lifting Scheme (VERILOG)

38. Design and implementation of systolic array architecture for DWT(verilog)

[/tab] [tab title=”VLSI – M.Tec IEEE List”]

1.Design of 64-Bit Low Power Parallel Prefix VLSI Adder for High Speed Arithmetic Circuits


3.HICPA: A Hybrid Low Power Adder for High-Performance Processors

4.Low-Power and Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder

5.Design and Implementation of Two Variable Multiplier Using KCM and Vedic Mathematics

6.Design and Implementation of a High Performance Multiplier using HDL

7.Implementation of Hybrid Wave-pipelined 2D DWT Using ASIC


9.Design of Plural-Multiplier Based on CORDIC Algorithm for FFT Application

10.FPGA implementation of Binary Coded Decimal Digit Adders and Multipliers

11.High Speed and Area Efficient Vedic Multiplier

12.High speed Modified Booth Encoder multiplier for signed and unsigned numbers

13.High Speed Signed Multiplier for Digital Signal Processing Applications

14.Accumulator Based 3-Weight Pattern Generation

15.Design of Low Power TPG Using LP-LFSR

16.Viterbi-Based Efficient Test Data Compression

17.A Feature-Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking Scheme

18.Digital Image Watermarking Based on Super Resolution Image Reconstruction

19.Hardware Implementation of a Digital Watermarking System for Video Authentication

20.Watermarking Mobile Phone Colour Images with Reed Solomon Error Correction Code

21.Watermarking Scheme for Copyright Protection of 3d Animated Model

22.A Real-time Face Detection And Recognition System

23.VHDL Implementation of UART with Status Register

24.FPGA Based Real Time Face Detection using Adaboost and Histogram Equalization

25.An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform

26.VHDL Design for Image Segmentation using Gabor filter for Disease Detection

27.A Novel Approach For Designing A Low Power Parallel Prefix Adders (VERILOG)

28.Fast implementation of lifting based 1d/2d/3d dwt-idwt architecture for image compression(VERILOG)

29.Advanced SOC Tracing Technique using vhdl

30.Implementation of Floating Point Multiplier on Reconfigurable Hardware and Study its Effect on 4 input LUT‘s

31.A faster carry save adder in radix-8 booth encoded multiplier(VERILOG)

32.Implementation and Performance analysis of SS Arbiter for System on chip. (VERILOG)

33.Implementation of modulo multiplication using modulo prefix adder(VERILOG)

34.An optimized 2’s complement technique for 8 bit multiplier (VERILOG)

35.Optimization of ECAT through DA-DCT

36.Implementation of a high speed multiplication on soc using twin precision process

37.Reliable and Cost Effective Anti-coll ision Technique for RFID UHF Tag

38.Design And Simulation Of UART Serial Communication Module Based On VHDL

39.Ddr3 Based Lookup Circuit For High Performance Network Processing

40.Design And Implementation Of High Performance AHBReconfigurable Arbiter For On-Chip Bus Architecture

41.FPGA Based FFT Algorithm Implementation In WIMAX Communications System

42.16 Bit RISC Processor Design For Convolution Application

43.Radix-8 Booth Encoded Modulo 2n-1 Multipliers With Adaptive Delay For High Dynamic Range Residue Number System

44.A Spurious-Power Suppression Technique for Multimedia/DSP Applications(MAC)

45.Self-Immunity Technique to Improve Register File Integrity against Soft Errors

46.A New VLSI Architecture Of Parallel Multiplier Accumulator Based On Radix-2 Modified Booth Algorithm.

47.An Efficient Architecture For 3-D Discrete Wavelet Transform.

48.The Design Of FIR Filter Base On Improved DA Algorithm And Its FPGA Implementation

49.Low Power ALU Design By Ancient Mathematics

50.Design Of On-Chip Bus With OCP Interface

51.An Efficient Architecture For 2-D Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform

52.A Spurious-Power Suppression Technique For Multimedia/DSP Applications(VMFU)

53.Multiplication Acceleration Through Twin Precision

54.Efficient FPGA Implementation Of Convolution

55.32-Bit RISC CPU Based On MIPS

56.High Speed VLSI Architecture For General Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) Structures

57.Implementation Of FFT/IFFT Blocks For OFDM

Electronics and Communications Engineering Final B.Tech/ B.E, M.Tech/M.E projects: (B.Tech  B.E, M.Tech M.E – ECE  Final Projects)


1.Fluid Level Indicator With Controlling And Monitoring Of Weather In Industries

2.Temperature Monitoring And Conditional Maintenance System For Operation Theateres For Surgeries

3.Automatic College Bell System (Front End)

4.Dc Motor Speed And Direction Controlling Using Pwm

5.Ac Motor Speed Control Using Triac

6.Dc Motor Speed And Direction Control Using Ir Remote

7.Stepper Motor Speed And Direction Control Using Ir

8.Speed Control Of Single Phase Induction Motor Using Ir

9.Industrial Electronic Device Control Through Ir Remote

10.Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using Ir

11.Ir Remote Based Appliance Control System

12.Infrared Remote Receiver

13.Visitor Counter With Metal Detector Enhoused Entry,Exit And Present Count

14.Automatic Room Light Controller With Visitor Counter Using Ir Sensor

15.Data Transfer Between Two Micro Controllers Using Ir Communication

16.Automatic Embedded Green House Automation System

17.Embedded Street Light Control System

18.Configurable Password Based Authentication/Access Access And Security System

19.Password Based Door Locking.

20.Time Based Electrical Appliances Control In Industries Using Rtc (Front End)

21.Microcontroller Based Digital Clock With Alarm.

22.Power Saver System For Advertisement Hoardings Using Rtc

23.Embedded Energy Saver System For Home Appliances

24.Embedded Prepaid Energy Meter

25.Power Management System For Seminar Halls/Auditoriums

26.Bank Locker Security System With Password And Intruder Alarm

27.Advanced Embedded Automatic Car Parking System

28.Stop Watch With Lapse For Athletics

29.Automatic Inter Gate Locking System For Toll Tax

30.Anti-Theft Alarm System

31.Intelligent Object Counting System

32.Wireless Based Automation Of Shutter Control System

33.Dam Gates Control

34.Automatic Plant Irrigation System

35.Power Saving System For Shopping Malls Using 8051

36.Electronic Voting Machine

37.Driver Less Vehicle Navigation System

38.Automatic Solar Tracking System

39.Alcohol Detector System For Survelliance Cops On Highways

40.Solar Tracking System Using Ldr

41.Automated Solar Panel Controller Using Rtc

42.Temparature Monitoring At A Boiler

43.Traffic Controller With Real Time Clock

44.Temperature Analyzing System For Industrial Control

45.Multi Channel Fault Announcement System Usng Temperature, Smoke And Ldr Sensors

46.Prepaid Energy Meter

47.Postpaid Energy Meter

48.Digital Ic Tester

49.Interfacing Of Graphical Lcd To Microcontroller

50.Fault Protection & Rectification In Ac Transmission Lines

51.Pc Based Data Logger System

52.Automatic Gas Leakage Alerting System

53.Smoke Sensing Device

54.Fire Sensor Based Alarm System

55.Electronic Eye For Sensing Multi Colors

56.Multi Color Sensing And Identification Using Electronic Eye

57.Different Colored Objects Seggretation Based On Color Sensor Through Adc

58.Industrial Security System(Fire,Smoke,Ir)


1.Pc Based Hitech Home Implementation [With Front End]

2.Real Time College Alarm Using Pc [With Front End]

3.Real Time Announcement System Useful In Schools And Colleges [With Front End]

4.Pc Based Industrial Parameters Announcement System [Front End]

5.Pc Based Robot Navigationsystem [With Front End]

6.Pc Based Wireless Robot Control System [With Front End]

7.Device Control Using Pc Wireless [With Front End]

8.Pc Based Optimim Power Management System For Hotels [Front End]

9.Pc Based Optimim Power Management System For Hotels [Front End]

10.Street Light Management Using Pc [With Front End]

11.Power Cut Scheduling Using Pc [With Front End]

12.Library Inventory Management System Using Pc [With Front End]

13.Employee Log System Using Pc And Rfid [With Front End]

14.Easy Message Sending Using Pc [With Front End]

15.Pc Based Stepper Motor Speed And Direction Control [With Front End]


1.IVRS System Using DTMF

2.DTMF Based Device Control

3.DTMF Based Home Automation

4.DTMF Based Industrial Parameter Controlling System

5.DTMF Based Motor Controlwithout Mobile Phone

6.DTMF Based Security Locking System

7.Robot Control Through Mobile Phone


1.Text To Voice Conversion On Pc [With Front End]

2.Mobile Based Text To Voice Converssion[With Front End]

3.Industrial Parameters Monitoring Through Voice [With Front End]

4.Hi_Tech Safety Implementation By Voice Commands [With Front End]

5.Power Plant False Alarm System Through Voice [With Front End]

6.Ivrs Through Pc [With Front End]

7.Automatic Station Indication System Using APR9600

8.Predefined Message Reading SMS Through APR9600

9.Environmental Parameters Monitoring Through Voice [Front End]


1.RF Based Industrial Automation System

2.Safe Switching Of High Voltage Devices Using RF Remote System

3.Wireless Data Encryption And Decryption For Security In Army Applications

4.Wireless Data Logger Using RF Communication

5.Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using RF

6.Advanced Embedded Remote Control Robot Navigation System Using RF

7.Automatic Station Indication System For Railways Using LCD/APR9600


9.Pc Based Railway Gate Control Using R.F. Communication [Front End]


11.RF Based Security System For Banking Applications.

12.RF Based Patient Monitoring System

13.Wireless Fire Alarm & Monitor On LCD

14.Wireless Digital Code Lock With Status Display

15.Speed Control Of Single Phase Induction Motor Using RF

16.Wireless Fire Alarm & Monitoring System On LCD

17.Wireless Data Transmission Between Two Micro-Controllers

18.Using R.F.Communicaion

19.Wireless Data Transmission Between Two P.C‘S Using R.F [Front End]

20.Wireless Intrusion Detection, Electronic Security And Control Using Central Monitoring System

21.Modern Bus Station Using RF (Voice Announcement).

22.Dc Motor Speed And Direction Control Using RF

23.Dc Motor Speed And Direction Control Using RF With Pc [Front End]

24.Ac Motor Speed And Direction Control Using RF

25.Ac Motor Speed And Direction Control Using RF With Pc [Front End]

26.Wireless Stepper Motor Control Using RF

27.Wireless Stepper Motor Control Using RF With Pc [Front End]


1.Wireless Data Transmission Using X-BEE/ZIG-BEE

2.Industrial Parameters Monitoring & Controlling Using X-BEE/ZIG-BEE

3.Multiple Devices Controlling Using X-BEE/ZIG-BEE

4.Speed & Direction Controlling Of Stepper Motor Using X- BEE/ZIG-BEE

5.Pc Based Power Plant Parameters Monitoring & Controlling Using X-BEE/ZIG-BEE [With Front End]

6.X-BEE/ZIG-BEE Based Pick & Place Robot

7.X-BEE/ZIG-BEE Based Temperature Monitoring Robot

8.Power Plant Parameters Monitoring And Controlling Using X-BEE/ZIG-BEE

9.Speed Control Of Single Phase Induction Motor Using X- BEE /ZIG-BEE.

10.Data Logger Using X- BEE/ZIG-BEE [With Front End]

11.X-BEE/ZIG-BEE Based Nodal (Nodes) Communication Through Web Server (With GPRS Also)

12.Development Of A Smart Power Meter For Ami Based ZIGBEE

13.Remote-Controllable And Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based On ZIGBEE

14.ZIGBEE Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board

15.Wireless Data Encryption And Decryption Using ZIGBEE

16.ZIGBEE Based Real Time Fluid Tank Level Monitor And Control

17.Patient Health Monitoring System Using ZIGBEE


1.MEMS Based Race Game In Pc [With Front End]

2.Wheel Chair Direction Control With Gesture Recognition (MEMS Accelerometer)

3.Automatic Fall Detection And Activity Monitoring For Elderly People

4.Wireless Mouse With MEMS Accelerometer [With Front End]

5.Head Movement Tracking System

6.Accelerometer Based Hand Gesture Recognition System

7.Motion Operated Scrolling Display Using MEMS Accelerometer And I2c Protocol [With Front End]

8.MEMS Based Robo Control[Wireless/Wired]

9.MEMS Based Home Appliance Control [Wireless/Wired]

10.MEMS Based Racing Game Through Pc [With Front End]

11.MEMS Based Digital Photo Frame [Intuitive] [With Front End]

Electronics and Communications Engineering Final B.Tech/ B.E, M.Tech/M.E projects: (B.Tech  B.E, M.Tech M.E – ECE  Final Projects)


GSM1:GSM based smart information system for lost ATM Cards

GSM2:Vehicle tracking security system using  GSM and GPS

GSM3:Agriculture field motor control system using GSM

GSM4:RTC based Automatic Strength on/off with SMS controlling and Failure Detection with Indication

GSM5:Accidents identification system using GSM and GPS

GSM6:Patient Monitoring and Alert system using GSM

GSM7:Home Security Systems using GSM 

GSM8:Industrial Electrical Devices Control systems

GSM9:Automatic fire Detection and Alert System

GSM10:Weather Monitoring systems in remote places

GSM11:GSM based DC Motor speed and direction control

GSM12:SMS Based electrical Appliances Apparatus Control in homes or offices

GSM13:Embedded Automatic Robotic Car through SMS

GSM14:Electricity billing using GSM

GSM15:Substation Monitoring and controlling system using GSM

GSM16:Water reservoir monitoring and pump system using GSM

GSM17:Industrial Data Logger using GSM

GSM18:Speed control of thread Roller’s AC motor in spinning Mills using GSM Modem

GSM19:Real-time Industrial process controlling using  Mobile

GSM20:Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Humans Detection and temperature Monitor Control using GSM.

GSM21:An Advanced Embedded Mobile Web Server for Aged people Monitoring and parameter back reception using GSM

GSM22:Marks Announcement through SMS

GSM23:Cell phones based Street Light Controlling System

GSM24:Temperature Measurement over GSM Mobile

GSM25:Password protection GSM based Device Control

GSM26:SMS-Electrical Apparatus Control in offices

GSM27:GSM controlled Door Latch opener with Security Dialup with changeable telephone number

 GSM28:Development of a GSM based vehicle system

GSM29:GSM based vehicle gaseous fuel leakage detection with Automatic safety warning and alerting system

GSM30:Engine Monitoring through Mobile phone

GSM31:SMS based Banking security system

GSM32:Home Automation and Security system using GSM

2.Agriculture Field Motor Control System Using GMS

3.Industrial Electrical Devices Control System Through GMS

4.Fire Detection And Automatic Alert System

5.Weather Monitoring System In Remote Places Using GMS

6.GMS Based Dc Motor Speed And Direction Control

7.SMS Based Electrical Appliance Control For Home /Office

8.Embedded Automatic Robotic Vehicle Navigation system Through SMS

9.E-Challan Billing System Using GMS

10.Substation Monitoring And Control System Using GMS

11.Water Reservoir Monitoring And Pumping System Using GMS.

12.Industrial Data Logger Using GMS

13.Remote Power Line Data Monitoring System Using GMS

14.Speed Control Of Thread Roller’s Ac Motor In Spinning Mills Using GMS Modem

15.Real-Time Industrial Process Controlling & Monitoring Using Mobile

16.GMS Based Industrial Parameter Monitoring System Using Serial Communication And Analog To Digital Converters.

17.Industrial Eight Channel Data Logger Using GMS Modem

18.Intelligent System For Hazardous Gas, Human Detection And Temperature Monitoring In Coal Minesusing GMS

19.An Advanced Embedded Mobile Web Server For Aged People Monitoring And Parameter Back Reception Using GMS Technologies

20.GMS Based Exam Results Acquisition System From Server Database

21.Railway Accident Idenfitication And Alert System

22.Temperature Measurement Over GMS Mobile

23.Password Protected GMS Based Device Control

24.Remote Monitoring Of Vehicular Parameters Through GMS Module

25.Easy SMS System

26.SMS Poll Counting System For TV Shows

27.SMS Based Electrical Apparatus Control In Offices

28.Schedule Data Capturing Using GMS.

29.Development Of An Embedded System For Unmanned Railway Gate

30.Automatic Mobile Alert System For Lethal Gas Detection

31.Engine Monitoring Through GMS Modem

32.SMS Based Banking Security System

33.GMS Based Smart Information System For Lost ATM Cards

34.Home Automation And Security System Using GMS

35.GMS Based Device Monitoring And Controlling System With Electromagnetic Relay To Control 230 Volts A.C. ,20amp Load (Practlly Developed In Oil Rigs In Petrolium Industries)

36.Password Protected Device Control Using GMS Technology

37.GMS Based Stepper Motor Control System

38.Power Grid Control Using GMS

39.GMS Based Door Opening And Closing System

40.SMS Based Motor Speed Control

41.Remote Monitoring Of Vehicular Parameters Through GMS Module

42.Vehicle Over Speed Indication To Traffic Control Room Through GMS

43.Traffic Jam Updates At Signals ( RF )

44.Dam Level Warning Using GMS SMS

45.Modern Atomized Theft Proof Museums

46.Control Of Soil Moisture Irrigation System

47.SMS Controlled Robot

48.Easy SMS System

49.SMS Poll Counting System For TV Shows

50.Development Of A GMS Based Vehicle Security System

51.Development Of A GMS Based LCD Display

52.Engine Monitoring Through Mobile Phone

53.SMS Based Banking Security System

54.GMS Intergrated Smart ATM Transaction System

55.GMS Based Stepper Motor Control System

56.Power Grid Control Using GMS

57.GMS Based Door Opening And Closing System

58.SMS Based Dc Motor Speed and Direction Control

59.SMS Based Ac Motor Speed and Direction Control

60.GMS Based Exam Results Acquisition System From Server Database

61.A Smart GMS Based Embedded Solution For Continuous Remote Monitoring Of Cardiac Patients

62.Automatic Fire Detection And Alert System

63.Speed Control Of Thread Roller’s Ac Motor In Spinning Mills Using GMS Modem

64.Intelligent System For Hazardous Gas, Human Detection And Temperature Monitor Control Using GMS

65.GMS Based Vehicle Fuel Level Monitoring Through SMS

66.Automatic Meter Reading Using GMS


ZB1:Zigbee Device Access control system with Reliable data transmission industrial process control and Automation system through Zigbee N/W

ZB2:Multi stage Real time Weather monitoring system via Zigbee in Homes/ Industries

ZB3:Zigbee/ wireless vehicle identification and Authentication System

ZB4:Applications of short range technologies to industrial Automation: A zigbee Approach 

ZB5:The Wireless sensor Network for Home care System using Zigbee 

ZB6:Systems for Measuring power parameters with Zigbee Connectivity

ZB7:Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption Zigbee

ZB8:Zigbee Based Automation Irrigation System  


1.Acquiring Altitude, Longitude And Latitude Position On X,Y & Z Axis For A Specimen In Motion

2.Pc Interfacing Using GPS Technology [With Front End]

3.Automobile Theft Identification Using GPS

4.GPS Based Station Arrival Announcement System For Buses / Trains

5.GPS Based High Precision Universal Clock For Atomic Laboratories


1.RFID Based Attendance System. [With Front End]

2.ERFID Based Security Authentication System

3.RFID Based Banking System.

4.Library Management System Using RFID

5.Bus Location Announcement System

6.RFID Based Parcel Tracing System

7.RFID Based Animal Tracking System

8..RFID Based Ration Card

9.RFID Based Highway Toll Collection

10.Development Of An Embedded System Using RFID Based Security System

11.RFID R/W Based Prepaid Energy Meter

12.RFID Based Car Parking System

13.RFID Based Reservation System

14.Autonomous Navigation Of RFID Sensing Robots

15.RFID Based Door Locking System

16.RFID Based ATM System

17.RFID Based National Card/ Passport System

18.RFID Based N.G.O./Student Bus Pass Id System

19.RFID Based Security System For Mining Industries [With Front End]

20.Examination Room Guide Using RFID For The Jumbling System Based Exams

21.EZEE Link Card For Public Transport System [With Front End]


1.EZEE Link Card For Public Transport System

2.Smart Card Based Attendance System

3.Smart Card Based Security Access Control System

4.Unmanned Petrol Bunk System

5.Prepaid Card For Internet Browsing System

6.Prepaid Energy Meter Using Smart Card

7.Vehicle Parking System Using Smart Card

8.Automatic Door Opening And Closing Using Smart Card

9.Hospital Management System Using Smart Card

10.Prepaid Card For Internet Browsing System


1.Fingerprint Based Authentication System.

2.Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System.

3.Fingerprint Based Attendance Record System.

4.Fingerprint Based Lift Operating System.

5.Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting System.

6.Finger Print Based Security System.

7.Finger Print Based Vehicle Security System.

8.Finger Print Recognized ATM System.

9.Finger Print Based Physical Access Control Vehicle Immobilizer


1.Path Tracking ROBO

2.Remote Controlled Robot

3.Thermal Analysis Robot

4.Defense Application Robot

5.Wireless Pick & Place Robot [*With Wireless Camera]

6.Agriculture Robot

7.Distance Measurement Robot

8.Obstacle Detection And Avoidance Robot

9.Self Parking Robot

10.Pc Based Wireless Robot [With Front End]

11.Live Human Identification Robot

12.Three Axis Robotic Arm For Industries

13.Automatic Path Identifier Robot

14.Solar Based Robot

15.Wireless Robotic Arm

16.Three Degree Freedom Robot

17.Bomb Detect Robot (Using Proximity Sensor)

18.Object Sensing, Pick & Place Robot

19.Gas Detection Robot For Atomic Power Station

20.Spray Painting Robot

21.Intelligent Fire Fighter Robot

22.Mobile Phone Operated Robot

23.Robot Navigation With Wireless Camera

24.Smoke Sensing Robot

25.HEXA-BOT Operation Throgh RF Remote

26.Hexa-Bot Control X- Bee/Zig-Bee Remote [With Front End]

27.Pc Based Walking Robot Through X- Bee/Zig-Bee

28.Walking Robot Control X- Bee/Zig-Bee Remote

29.Real Time Car Parking System Using Microcontroller [With Front End]

30.Real Time Car Parking System Using RFID

31.Real Time Car Parking System Using Smart Card

32.Real Time Car Parking System Using Finger Print Module

33.Real Time Car Parking System Using Bar Code

34.Real Time Car Parking System Using Magnetic Stripreader

35.CNC(Computer Numeric Control) [With Front End]

36.Autonomous Stair Climbing Robot

37.War Head Robot & Fire Fighting Robot

38.Wall Following Robot

39.Impact Analysis System

Electronics and Communications Engineering Final B.Tech/ B.E, M.Tech/M.E projects: (B.Tech  B.E, M.Tech M.E – ECE  Final Projects)


1.GPS Based Border Alert System For Fishermen With Boat Speedometer

2.Automatic Power Meter Reading System Using GSM Network


4.GPS And GSM Based Office Cab Monitoring, Alerting And Logging System [With Front End]

5.Accident Identification System Using GSM And GPS

6.UPS Battery monitoring system over GSM for High availability system

7.GPS based border alert system for fishermen with boat speedometer

8.Smart Card and GPS based automatic bus ticketing system for traveled distance

9.A smart GSM based embedded solution for continuous remote monitoring of cardiac patients

10.Employee Log System Using Pc And RFID


12.Modern Restaurants Atomization For Wireless Menu Dish Ordering Using Touch Panel And Zigbee.



[/tab] [tab title=”ADVANCED PROJECTS”]


1.Bluetooth Robot With CMOS Image Sensor (Spy Robot)

2.Remote Controlled Home Automation Using Bluetooth

3.Bluetooth Based Industrial Data Acquisition System

4.Industrial Devices Controlling System Using Bluetooth


1.Touch Based Industril Motors/ High Voltage Devices Control

2.Touch Based Home Automation

3.Robo Control

4.Real Time ATM Access


1.Real Time ATM System Working Using Magnetic Stripe Card & Reader

2.ATP [Any Time Pay] System For Multiple Bills Payments

3.Automatic Attendance System Using Magnetic Stripe Reader

4.Traditional Lift Controlling System Using Magnetic Stripe Reader

5.Automatic Car Parking System Using Magnetic Stripe Reader


1.Smart Library Management System Using Bar Code Reader

2.Smart Pay Desk

3.Security System For Parking System In Industries Using Bar Code Reader

4.Shopping Mall Automation Payment System Using Bar Code Reader

5.Secure Vehicle Number Plate Display System Using Bar Code Reader

6.Toll Gate Collection Using Bar Code Reader

7.Driving License System Using Bar Code Reader

8.Inventory Management For Library Using Bar Code Reader


1.Thermal Printer Integration Using Microcontroller

2.Hand Held Gadget Using Thermal Printer Provision

3.Mobile Message Printing System Using thermal Printer

4.Automatic Electrical Billing System To Webserver Using GPRS Communication (Http And TCP/IP Protocals)

5.Toll Gate Ticketing System To Webserver Using GPRS Communication (Http And TCP/IP Protocals)

6.Minig Security Data Reporting To Webserver Using GPRS Communication (Http And TCP/IP Protocals)

7.Vehicle Parking Ticketing System To Web Server Using GPRS Communication (Http And TCP/IP Protocals)

8.RTC Ticketing System Using GPRS Communication (Http And TCP/IP Protocals)

9.Sensors Data Logger System Using GPRS Communication (Http And TCP/IP Protocals)

10.E-Payment For Home And Commercial Needs GPRS Communication (Http And TCP/IP Protocals)


1.Data Trasfering From Microcontroler To Server Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

2.Home Security Monitoring Through Webserve Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

3.Weather Monitoring System In Remote Places Using GSM (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

4.Automatic Electrical Billing System To Webserver Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

5.Toll Gate Ticketing System To Webserver Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

6.Minig Security Data Reporting To Webserver Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

7.Vehicle Parking Management System To Web Server Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

8.RTC Ticketing System Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

9.Sensors Data Logger System Using GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

10.E-Payment For Home And Commercial Needs GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

11.Real Time automatic Meter Reading Through GPRS Communication (HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

12.Real Time Street Lights Monitoring System Through GPRS Communication(HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

13.Hospital Management System Through GPRS Communication(HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

14.Student/Employee Attendance System Through GPRS Communication(HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)

15.Real Time Robo Functional Monitoring Through GPRS Communication(HTTP And TCP/IP Protocals)