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Project Files

  1. # Movie-Recommendation-System
  2. This is an AI based Movie Recommendation System
  3. ### Technologies Used:
  4. 1) IMDb
  5. 2) TMDb
  6. 3) Web Scraping
  7. 4) AI for recommendation
  8. 5) Django 2.2.4
  9. # Installations:
  10. Python 3.5
  11. ```
  12. pip install django==2.2.4
  13. pip install bs4
  14. pip install requests
  15. pip install imdbpy
  16. pip install tmdbsimple
  17. pip install urllib3
  18. ```
  19. # Steps:
  20. ```
  21. cd Movie-Recommendation-System
  22. ```
  23. ```
  24. python makemigrations
  25. python migrate
  26. ```
  27. ```
  28. python runserver
  29. ```
  30. Then go to to visit the website or you can see the live demo at

Reference Papers

Used Software/Hardware


The website shows the trending movies and information about them if they want. They can see the most searched movies and recommended movies once they opt to search something. They can search for any movie or TV show and they will get the information about it along with the trailers. And I have used Artificial Intelligence and Collaborative Filtering to give the best set of similar movies and based on the type of movies the person likes, the website fine tunes the user recommendation to make the website really personalized and engaging.

The website is completely responsive and works like a charm. You can Chat with anyone online on the website if they are even on “Random Chat” page. To give it a try, you can open it up in two tabs of your browser or use another device to simulate another user. You can have a chat, even if you are not logged in.

You can go to Combine Movie page. It is a “Perfect Movie Mood Setter” for anyone who wants to choose movies based on any two movies, lets say Interstellar and Twilight. You will get combined recommendations from the movies you entered along with the Ratings and trailer for an awesome movie selecting experience.

I can add a game or two from the game set that I have, into the website to make it more attractive and engaging.

The website is a huge and flourishing website and it has many features in it.


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