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  2. Now a days in india, all electric vehicles runs on battery . For charging it takes more time . Also the weight of battery is more and runs for a limited distance. But in our technology ,RESONANT INDUCTIVE COUPLING ,it receives electricity as wirelessly from road and run. Hence ,car does not require to plug in charging for 8 hours. So vehicle receive by current wirelessly and run without battery . If we use super capacitor inside car , it will charge within 1 minute .
  3. BENEFITS : Battery size zero, charging time zero, pollution zero .
  5. RESONANT INDUCTIVE COUPLING : Wireless /Inductive power Transfer involves the transmission of energy from a power source to an electrical load,without connectors,across an air gap. The basis of a wireless power system involves essentially two coils : transmitter and receiver coil.The transmitter coil is energized by high frequency ( upto 1 MHz)alternating current/ Dc square frequency current to generate a magnetic field ,which in turn induces a current in the receiver coil and load .
  6. MATERIALS : ( a) Transmitter coil inside road (b) Receiver coil inside car ( c) Signal generator (d) Oscilloscope ( e) Super Capacitor (f) Solar Panel

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Normally car runs by petrol and other fuel . Car needs maintenance i.e. engine repairing . The cost of fuel is growing more by time . The cost of car is also more .  It also makes pollution to environment .  If we run by electric car , then the above problems will solve . But there are more problems  which found in electric car , so people cannot buy such car . All electric car run by battery . Without battery  we cannot run by 100% solar panel. Because the area of solar panel and weight of solar panel is more which is difficult  to run. All solar electric car need battery for charging . it will extend few km while running  . but for charging it takes time for 4 -6 hours . Without solar panel it also takes 6 hours by Home plug in charging method . So main problem is charging time more .The cycle of battery  charging is max 1000  which takes life period of 1 year . Then people need replace the battery . The size of battery is  more and weight is  more . So car cannot run by more than 3 people. So the speed is low due to heavy weight battery. To solve these above battery  problems , we make a car which does not require any battery to run on road . The car have only electric motor . If necessary we can use super capacitor instead of battery .

HOW IT WORKS  : Inside road we fit transmitter coil of 100% length of road . then we supply electricity from solar panel to transmitter coil with high frequency which creats magnetic field by frequency generator  . Now we have a receiver coil inside car  which keep above the road of gap 4-5 inchs . while car run , electricity transmit from road to receiver coil wirelessly by principle of resonant inductive coupling , hence does not require any battery. When car run , only one transmitter coil will automatic ON and others coil will Off.

Our model :In our model, transmitter coil receive 5amp,12 volt ,high frequency from frequency generator   which connected to solar panel . Output electricity of 0.8  amp 24 volt in receiver coil inside car(1inch gap  between two coils ). Our model length of 5ft road of transmitter coil . Car run wirelessly 100% , no need battery or super capacitor . if we keep super capacitor in our car , it takes 2-3 minute for charge and run 500mtr. Our model Car run wirelessly without battery if we keep 1 inch kota stone keep above the transmitter coil of road as obstacle .


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