Self drive robot car ( using Python)

Category: Computer science | Posted on June 12, 2019
Thesis idea is to build a robot to map the Co2 level inside building autonomously it can

Moves .. scans .. records .. moves .. scans .. records like we can run it in school to ensure there are no areas that are poorly ventilated, Which can affect academic achievement.

The robot will be like a self driving car.

we have to 1) drive it around with a remote controller and collect video data of our driving.

2) train a neural network with the video and the controls until it can drive itself.

doing the robot in

machine learning using keras.

So what I can finalise that the thesis will be about self-drive robot, We will move the robot first indoor using toy remote ( PlayStation control ) to move around the area in the time the robot will record video using a separate camera or laptop camera on the top of the robot car the robot will store all the video records and movement, then it will make a map for the indoor area so it can easily use the self-drive function, it will stop in some area using some tag on left or right when it will detect the tag the robot will stop and start to test the level of the co2 in this area.

All the code will be written in python we can use Arduino or raspberry.

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