Network Security Engineer – Hyderabad

    • 1.Good understanding of OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, SNMP, FTP, TFTP)
    • 2. IP addressing & sub-netting, VLSM/CIDR, Routing Concepts (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP & BGP ) and Configuration of HSRP/VRRP/GLBP.
      • 3.

    In-depth knowledge of L2 technology and protocols like VLANs, VLAN Tagging (IEEE 802.1q), LACP, VLAN trunking, STP (IEEE 802.1D and other 802.1 implementations.)

    • 4. IOS based security – CBAC, ZBF, and Control plane-CoPP/CoPPr, IOS-IPS, Layer 2 Security- Implementation of VACLs, ARP Spoofing and DHCP Snooping.
    • 5. Configuring Cisco ASA Firewall (IOS ver. 8.2 & 8.4) – Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT), Security context, Failover, ACLs, port channel, Interface redundancy, ISP redundancy, transparent firewall.
    • 6. Security, Firewalls, access and perimeter control, vulnerability management and intrusion detection. Strong knowledge on various attacks like SYN flood, Replay attacks and the mitigation techniques
    • 7. Strong knowledge in VPN: Design, Implementation Scenarios, Connectivity troubleshooting and other Algorithms such as DES, 3DES, MD5, SHA, PKI, IPSEC Site to Site & Remote Access VPN.
    • 8. Implementation and Configuration of IPS – Tuning signatures, creating custom signatures. Promiscuous mode and Inline mode deployment.
    • 9. Implementing and Configuration of Identity Management Authentication and Authorization & Accounting using ACS/ISE.
    • 10. Good working knowledge of Security related products like IPS/IDS, UTMs like URL Filtering, AV, Anti-Spam and High Availability.
    • 11. Proven knowledge and practical application of Firewall Security.
    • 12. Implementation scenarios, configuration and troubleshooting of Firewall related issues.
         13. Experience in Multi-vendor environment is highly preferable.



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‘ Convergence is not just in our logo. Convergence is our credo. We started in 2000, with a belief that the world of Technology Infrastructure will converge.

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Locuz is an IT Infrastructure Solutions and Services Company focused on helping enterprises transform their businesses thru innovative and optimal use of technology.

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The greatest of these changes is the Cloud; and Locuz is uniquely positioned to help enterprises leverage the power of cloud technologies while avoiding the pitfalls of security, identity and service management.

 Locuz specializes in Hybrid Cloud Computing, Datacentre Transformation, Next Gen Networking, Enterprise Collaboration, Information Security & Identity Management, High Performance Computing, Big Data & IT Automation.

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