Wireless Data Logger using RF Communication

The project deals with the design and development of hardware and software for eight channel data logger system. A data logger (also datalogger or data recorder) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or by using external instruments and sensors. One of the primary advantages of using these data loggers is the ability to automatically and continuously collect data on a 24-hour basis.

The data which are recorded continuously in this project are Temperature, Intensity and Humidity. These analog quantities are taken and converted into corresponding digital values using an eight channel ADC. These converted digital values are transmitted from the microcontroller using RF transmitter and an encoder. These values are received at the receiver end using RF receiver and a decoder.

The RF modules used here are 2.4 GHz. The processed data from ADC is sent to microcontroller. The microcontroller passes this data to the RF transmitter. At the receiving end, the RF receiver receives this data, gives it in the single bit data into 8-bit data and presents it to the microcontroller. Now, it is the job of the controller to read the data and display the same data on LCD.


SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE TOOLS:                      

Software Tools:

  1. Keil compiler
  2. Orcad.
  3. Proload

Hardware Tools:

  1. Microcontroller AT89S52.
  3. Sensors- LM35, LDR, humidity sensor
  4. LCD
  5. ADC0808

Block diagram:

Transmitter section

 Transmitter section

 Receiver section