Tuning of PID controller gains in MATLAB SIMULINK

Tuning of PID controller gains  in MATLAB SIMULINK using Signal Constraint

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Here explain, how to tune gains of the PID controller or Multiple controllers  i.e, proportional gain Kp, integral gain Ki and Derivative gain Kd. Using ‘signal constraint block’ in Matlab simulink. Or even simple gain or multiple gains in matlab simulink.

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Step 1:

Take any model and connect  or build in MATLAB simulink with the help of your required blocks as per the problem.

For example: consider a plant  50/(s^2+5s+50)- see the video for detailed explanation

Video: Tuning of PID controller gains in MATLAB SIMULINK using Signal Constraint

Step 2:

Connect the PID controller or controllers in the model from simulink extras, additional linear block.

then give the names for gains as Kp, Ki and Kd or as you wish or define different names as Kp1 Ki1 Kd1 etc.,

Step 3:

Go to Simulink  Response Optimization and take the block signal constraint and connect to the place where you want to optimize your response. if you have more than one response, take multiple  signal constraint blocks but define controller gains with different names.

Step 4:

Initialize the gains if you know already or give all values to zero and give range if you know. otherwise it will take -inf to +inf, generally pid controllers gains to be taken from zero.

Step 5:

Go optimization in  signal constraint block and click on tuned parameters and add the gains from workspace which are already defined in the command window or from any file.

Step 6:

Adjust the exis as per your requirement as explained also reference line… then simulate. you will get the required gains.

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