Training and workshops

Training and workshops in many areas is offered at Thesis 123. Theory and concepts of challenging subjects are delivered through our lectures along with programming and applications. This is to provide you just the skills required to implement your ideas practically. The trainers are drawn from prestigious institutions like IISc, IITs, NITs, R&D centers and from reputed Universities. The workshop and training are open to students, research scholars, Faculty of Technical Institutes and people from industry, R&D organizations. The lectures will be followed by the laboratory classes with hands on experience.

The training is for individual persons, small group of persons or to the organizations.Initially, the one has to choose the subject (s), topics, software for the training and give your tentative date to organize the training. Select from topics given in Training and Workshop section.


For individual or smaller groups, we assign respective experts and deliver the lectures online as per the prescribed schedule.


We offer the training as below to the colleges/ institutes/ organizations

  • The workshop will be one/ two/ three / week day lecture at the prescribed venue.
  • The duration of workshop will depend on the flexibility of institute timings
  • Two tutors will be sent to the venue to organize the workshop.
  • Students attending the workshop will be provided with a complementary kit from our company for convenience which contains a pen, scribble pad and course material.
  • We expect the host institute to arrange projector setup with proper audio system at the venue for delivering the lecture better
  • If one PC per TWO students for hands on experience would be good.
  • We expect students to solve assignments that we give during the workshop for better understanding and hands-on experience.


  • The institute/student is requested to take any one course from the list
  • The workshop date should be finalized at least 2 days prior to the event day by the host institute. For the individual candidates, registration should be made before two days.
  • The list of students attending the workshop shall have to reach us at least 2 days prior to the event day.