Credit Card Fraud Detection system

Category: Computer science | Posted by Vivek Pancholi | Posted on November 10, 2018

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  1. Whole Project is in PHP Language. Please don't change syntax as syntax changes in every PHP versions. Recommended PHP version is 7.2.1! Find "How_to_install.txt" file and follow step by step instructions.

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This project is my developed best project ever. This system is small system in which user can perform transaction,view transactions as well block history. Add or remove of user as well account facility is also supported. This system enriched with bunch of new features and Beautiful UI. I also add supports for multiple credit cards. User can login or register with FaceID(A login or register using Your face) and use of bio metric authentication. I also add support of SSL/TLS for secure communication over network. This small system can easily integrate with many third party business applications and can be used along with e-commerce website. This system warns user if any misbehavior or unauthorized activity is detected. The system uses behavior analysis to detect and prevent electronic and banking fraud.

For bio metric device, it should be mantra mfs-100!


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