Brain Computer Interface For The Movement Of Robot

Category: Electronics | Posted by obaid ur rahman | Posted on September 1, 2018

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Software: 1) aurdino compiler 2) MATlab Hardware: 1) aurdino 2) zigbee 3) dc motors 4) motor driver 5) brain sensor


Brain Computer Interface For The Movement Of Robot

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Brain Computer Interface For The Movement Of Robot

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This project discusses a brain-controlled robot based on Brain-computer
interfaces (BCI).Brain-computer interfaces are systems that can bypass conventional
channels of communication (i.e., muscles and thoughts)to provide direct
communication and control between the human brain and physical devices by
translating different patterns of brain activity into commands in real time. With these
commands, a mobile robot can be controlled. The intention of the project work is to
develop a robot that can assist the disabled people in their daily life to do some work

independent on others.
Here, we are analyzing the brain wave signals. The human brain consists of
millions of interconnected neurons. The patterns of interaction between these neurons
are represented as thoughts and emotional states. According to the human thoughts,
this pattern will be changing which in turn produce different electrical waves. A
muscle contraction will also generate a unique electrical signal. All these electrical
waves will be sensed by the brain wave sensor and it will convert the data into packets
and transmit through the Bluetooth medium. Level analyzer unit (LAU) will receive
the brain wave raw data and it will extract and process the signal using the Matlab
platform. Then the control commands will be transmitted to the robotic module to
process. With this entire system, we can move a robot according to the human
thoughts and it can be turned by blink muscle contraction.


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