Robot with Crane System

This system is mainly used for industrial field. If they want to burry a well, they need so many members to do that job. But if they use this crane system, only few persons are enough to do that work.  The reason is it can take up all the stones or any other related materials from the well itself by single crane operator. What the benefit appear here means, manpower is totally reduced.

It not only helps in this field, but also can use in industrial purpose for robotic based jobs.


The required equipments are used here is

  1. Microcontroller for programming control of crane motor.
  2. Motors (3) with individual drive units for high efficiency.
  3. Joystick for crane switching operation.


Here the joystick acts as a vehicle gear, according to that pushing & pulling movement it takes and does those relative jobs automatically. Microcontroller has programmed by us depends on all related jobs, it is done by joystick operator. The datas are going through the driver unit of the motor. Every motor has individual driver for more efficiency & the motor is enabled by driver unit due to the appropriate (+ve or –ve) polarity.

The mechanical parts are fitted here as arm which helps to catch and remove the particular materials.


The main merits of crane system is

  1. Simple and hand efficient.
  2. Cheap and best.
  3. Reduced man power.


The main applications of crane systems are

  1. In agricultural field.
  2. In industrials.
  3. In medical shops etc.



robot with cranes