Controls final projects

Automatic Petrol Bunk

The objective of this project is to provide easy access and save time in the petrol bunk. This project is made the automated petrol bunk. The customer need not wait in the petrol bunk. It reduces the time as well … Continue reading

Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System

The objective of this project is to design the solar based Electromagnetic breaking system using Object sensor for Automobiles. This project is mainly used in Vehicles either two or four wheelers. In this project is used in real time we … Continue reading

Automatic Bottle Filling System Using Micro Controller

The objective of this project, automatic bottle filling system using micro controller¬† is to provide easy access to the company for Filling Bottles Automatically using Microcontroller. This type of project is mainly used in the soft drinks Manufacturing Company and … Continue reading

Control and Instrumental – Final Projects

1. Speaker identification using mfcc and neural networks 2. Speaker identification using K-Nearest Neighbor Technique 3. ECG Arrhythmia classification using Wavelet transform and Neural Networks 4. Text feature selection by TF-IDF method and classification using Neural Networks 5.¬†2-D Human tracking … Continue reading