Computer Science Education Week: Accenture to promote STEM courses through coding in 56 nations

Accenture is conducting a ‘Computer Science Education Week’ in which science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses will be promoted among students through 10,000 hours of code. Tutorials will be provided regarding coding and computer skills from December 4 to December 10 around the world.

Importance of coding

As per Indian Express report, Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s chief technology and innovation officer, said, ”Technology is creating jobs that didn’t even exist five years ago and learning to code can transform the trajectory of a student’s life and career.”

From across 56 countries, Accenture employees have pledged more than 2,000 hours to volunteer local events, along with teachers and, to help students learn coding and computer science skills. The initiative follows the company’s recent pledge of USD 10 million to support programmes that would expand STEM and computer science education.

Hour of Code campaign

“The Hour of Code campaign has already led to more than 450 million hours of code being completed. This year, we are asking for people to not only do an hour of code, but go beyond one hour and think about what they can do to ensure that computer science education continues for years to come,” said Hadi Partovi, CEO and co-founder.

“An hour of code can inspire children to a lifetime journey of technology and computer science,” said Mohan Sekhar, senior managing director, Accenture Technology Services.