Need online tuition?

Learn Online (e-Learning) – Learn from Anywhere and at Anytime!

e-Learning is an online training support to the students, learners from anywhere. This supports students who are in their schools, who want to upgrade their skills, who wish to explore the new developments. We support all undergraduates, postgraduate, researchers and learners from industry.

 These online tuitions are customized according to the convenience of the students, i.e., flexible time and convenient time. Through this program, we can provide one to one interaction, one to group by covering missed, absent lectures or to supplement the poor teaching facility in your institutions.

One to One tutoring, One to Group is a regular and ongoing tutoring at weekly, monthly, yearly. This involves just the student and the tutor for individualized teaching.

Advantages of e-Learning

  • Learn your interested subjects from your home or office or from your comfortable place by well experienced, top rated experts.
  • Eliminate travel Time and Costs
  • Communicate with experts freely to clarify your doubts from anywhere and anytime.

Who will teach you?

Our expert, who is currently teaching in universities and retired faculty with years of teaching experience, experts from industry and teachers who are having good knowledge about the subject.

We also have tutors who are working in the industry, studying in the final years in reputed universities or institutions. These experts have been selected from only those who have excelled in their subject areas. Before taking online classes, expects will be well guided and trained by experienced persons.

The course will cover the complete syllabus of your interested subject or course. We will keep surprising and weekly tests give you feedback on where you stand and will advise you of how to cover the concepts and learn more clarity. If you get the 60% of the overall course we will provide you the certificate of completion.

How e-Learning works?

You need to register with us by sending your details by selecting / giving courses details. Our in-charge will guide you by providing all formalities. Once the registration completes, we will give you the ID trough which you can join in the class as per the schedule.

At the end of the class you need to give us the feedback on the class and your doubts. The duration of the class will be according to the student teacher convenience.

For conducting online tutoring to individual/ multiple persons, contact us for your required information. Our Thesis123 will contact you to discuss about the available timings, pricing.

Who can join the online courses?

  • Undergraduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Researchers
  • Industry learners
  • Competitive Exams Preparations
  • Interview Preparation

Online training requirements

Thesis123 experts will conduct a web conferencing with screen sharing to view the presentation. If you require a demo class, please contact us.

  • Personal Computer (PC), Laptop, iPad with minimum 512 Kbps internet connection.
  • For audio conference Micro Phone and Speakers

For further details, please contact us at

Please Note: All e-Learning courses are taught in English