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Are you engineering graduate? Are you expert in programming like MATLAB, EMBEDDED SYSTEMS? Are you having strong fundamental concepts and teaching skills online? Are you interested in working part time from your own place while studying? You want give your expertise through Internet to earn extra income/money for your basic needs without depending on parents?

Thesis123 will provide you an opportunity to work online and become part in our technical team.

You just send your resume highlighting your expertise and previous experience of handling the student projects/ assignments. If our technical team selects your name then we will send you the work to you through the internet and based on your deliverables we will pay to you.

You can go through our website and see what exactly we are looking for.  Please send us your resumes to



Thesis123 offers an Internship program for students. This involves an ideal combination of cutting-edge research and training in many fields. We aim at realizing your ideas by expert guidance and facilities.

This program has various modules. We provide internships with flexible time duration in most cases. Paid internships are also a part of this program. This program is designed for students keeping in mind the following issues. We find students with good skills lacking opportunities to prove themselves. Not always the existing organizations can give them good opportunities to foster their knowledge base. At our organization, with huge number of academicians across the globe, we provide you a platform to hone your skills while working with a research attitude. We also guide and motivate students just beginning their research work at our organization. We resolve to give every student ample opportunities to pursue their interests in research through our Internship program.

A few paid internships are offered based on certain criteria. The candidates for the post are selected based on an interview in the corresponding field. Once the student is shortlisted, we will be negotiating the working hours and pay. The duration of intern will be fixed according to the project taken up. Technically, we are all a bunch of engineers with a mixture of PhDs, Masters and Bachelors degrees. We guarantee that you will enjoy learning and working with us.

Internship programs in various areas are offered at Thesis123. Plan your vacation for an intern at Thesis123 experts and recommended academicians over the country. Contact us for further details at