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 Current Topic:  MATLAB for Beginners
Future Courses on following topics:
MATLAB Programming/SIMULINK, SimPowerSytems, Control System Tool box,   Fuzzy and ANN Tool Boxes,   Image Processing Tool box,    Signal Processing Tool box,  Communication Tool Box etc.,    Soft Computing/ Optimization techniques,:   Fuzzy Logic (FL),    Neural Networks (ANN),    Genetic Algorithms (GA),    Bacterial Foraging Optimization ( BFO),    Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO),    Ant Colony Optimization (ACO),    ABC Algorithm, Simulation Annealing,    Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO),    Embedded systems:,8085, 8086 micro processing,    8051 PIC micro controllers,    Control and Automation: Linear control systems,    Non-linear control systems,    Controllers designing, Wavelet Analysis,    Advanced digital signal processing,    Mobile communications,    Digital communications,    Probability, random variables and , stochastic process,    Digital signal processing,    Adaptive signal processing,    Image processing,    Speech processing,   Electromagnetic fields, C, C++, JAVA, SAP,  and many more latest and important topics