IBM pushes on with cognitive computing

IBM is to collaborate with four leading US universities to advance the development and deployment of cognitive computing systems.


Addressing what IBM is calling ‘a new era of computing’, Zachary Lemnios, vice president of strategy for IBM Research, said: “IBM has demonstrated that cognitive computing is real and delivering value.

“But much additional research is needed to identify the systems, architectures and process technologies to support a new computing model that enables systems and people to work together across any domain of expertise.”

As part of the work, MIT will look at how tools and applications can assist in collaborative tasks such as decision making, while Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will examine how processing power, data availability and algorithmic techniques can enable artificial intelligence techniques.

Carnegie Mellon is to research system architectures to support intelligent, natural interaction, while New York University has been tasked with looking at how deep learning is impacting areas of science where automated pattern recognition is essential.

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