Gate 2016 EE - Set 2 - Question 55

Given l=1m, V=1V, B=1T

Voltage induced is given by the formula, \int_{0}^{1}E_{m}\cdot dl, where E_{m} is the induced electric field.

Voltage induced = E_{m} volts = 1V/m

E_{m}=\bar{v}\times \bar{B}

Where, v = radius of path \times angular velocity

1V/m = v \times 1 Tesla

v = 1m/sec

v = r \times \omega m/s

Since r = 1m, then, \omega =1rad/sec

We know the formula for speed as, N = \frac{60\omega }{2\pi }=\frac{60\times 1}{2\times 3.14}=9.55rev/min