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GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q20

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q20

20. The magnitude of three phase fault currents at buses A and B of a power system are 10pu and 8pu, respectively. Neglect all resistances in the system and consider the pre-fault system to be unloaded. The pre-fault voltage at all buses in the system is 1.0pu. The voltage magnitude at bus B during a three phase fault at bus A is 0.8pu. The voltage magnitude at bus A during a three phase at bus B, in pu, is _________?


Voltage at bus B after 3 phase fault at A = 0.8pu

V_{B}=V_{prefault}-Z_{12}\times I_{f}

0.8=1.0-Z_{12}\times 8


V_{A}=1.0-(0.025\times 10)


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