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Faculty Research Topics

The Northwest Georgia Crime Examiner privately compiles arrest reviews that addresses the Polk County region. These reviews are for regional news purposes. PCSO Watch all 7 photographs PCSO Down the page may be the County charge document for Friday January 21, 2015. The statement includes a full list of arrests, data regarding prior arrests, bonding info and available offender photos. Until specified otherwise, all info is attained in the Polk County Sheriff's Office. The following people were charged and billed together with the violations given below. Go through the embedded links within each listing to view the previous arrests survey that is entire. Links before 2009 to arrests will not be integrated. Anderson Austin, 27, of Bowden billed and was arrested http://personalinformationeconomy.ctrl-shift.co.uk/news/2016/03/24/how-to-get-a-college-scholarship-2/ with driving-while permit pulled and texting over 18. Austin was launched after submitting home securities totaling 700, $1.

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Acquiring caught and charged with occasion towards the crime of theft and occasion to the transgression of theft Matthew Scott Peterson, 31, of Cedartown. Lewis remains during the time http://thienkimyen.net/how-to-perform-a-literature-review/ with this distribution in custody. Residence securities totaling $8,100 happen to be fixed. See also (12/29/2014) Stuart Brice Golbski, 34, of Cedartown was imprisoned and priced with easy battery underneath the Family Violence Act (FVA) and false incarceration under the Family Violence Act (FVA). Golbski stays with relationship denied at that time with this distribution in custody. View also (7/1/2013) M O'Daniel of Middle, AL was caught over a guarantee for disappointment to surface in municipal court. View also (11/8/2014) Billy Consider of Cedartown was caught over a prison probation store. Consider stays in custody during the time of this publication. See also (3/21/2011) Lakeisha Prater of Cedartown incurred and was charged with disorderly conduct.

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After submitting a house/$ 150 bond Prater was released exactly the same day. See also (11/10/2014) Acquiring, ownership of the managed chemical and drugs not in original package caught and incurred with celebration towards http://qmvsupersolutions.com.au/qmv-super-smarts/just-how-to-compose-a-posture-document-with-test/ the crime of burglary, Christina Redden of Cedartown occasion for the offense of robbery. After posting residence ties totaling $ 9 redden was launched on 1/23. View also (12/29/2014) The arrest accounts through this checklist do not reveal innocence or the particular remorse of the patient or persons stated. Till they are tested guilty in a courtroom of regulation, all events are presumed innocent. Cost or not every arrest contributes to a certainty. A or an acquittal is likely to http://3jon.com/wp/index.php/2016/04/19/how-to-compose-an-issue-statement-3/ be dependant on the court process.