Control and Instrumental – Final Projects

1. Speaker identification using mfcc and neural networks

2. Speaker identification using K-Nearest Neighbor Technique

3. ECG Arrhythmia classification using Wavelet transform and Neural Networks

4. Text feature selection by TF-IDF method and classification using Neural Networks

5. 2-D Human tracking using artificial intelligence

6. Handwritten digit recognition using artificial intelligence machine

7. System identification using intelligent tools

8. Evaluation of cars based on artificial intelligent paradigms

9. Face recognition using Artificial intelligence

10. Hand gesture recognition using Artificial Intelligence

11. Load flow analysis using artificial intelligence

12. Regression SVM based system identification

13. Power quality event detection using artificial intelligence tools

14. Finger print classification using Artificial intelligence

15. GUI based speaker identification using Artificial Intelligence

16. Optimal path planning for robot navigation using higher geometry maze routing approach

17. Development of Control Laws for Attitude Control of Satellites with Flexible Appendages using Nonlinear Control Techniques

18. Target tracking using sensor fusion

19. 3D motion estimation using monocular sequence of images

20. Robust PID controller design using interval analysis

21. Knowledge based sequential/online learning multi category neural classifier