Computer Science – Mini Projects

Computer Science – Mini Projects

1. Telecom Management System Java Project.

2. Android operating system project.

3. Automated  Teller  Machine  ATM  Banking  System.

4. Bank account C Project.

5. Bank management system a C++ Project.

6. C++  Mini  Project  on  Controlling  Electrical  Devices.

7. Energy billing system project.

8. Harmful mail scanning project.

9. HI-Fi Infirmary portal java project.

10. Image Segmentation c++ project.

11. Introduction to Port Knocking C++ .

12. Scene Description Language Project.

13. Introduction to Computer Project on Hierarchical Multicast Routing Protocol Based on QOS.

14. Online detection and prevention phishing attacks.

15. Introduction to Student Information System.

16. Library management system ac.

17. Network Banking system.

18. Online Magazine Java.

19. Prisoner face detecting system java.

20. Private  Banking  Network  java.

21. Simulation of the Ethernet.

22. Steganography  Java.

23. Travel Bill tracking System JAVA.

24. Travelling agency a C++.

25. Typing pattern java.

26.  Document Tracking System for Government Offices using Bar coding.

27. Touch Screen Application for Issuing Express Boarding Passes at Airports.

28.  Application for Simulating Traffic Congession Scenarios at Traffic Signals.