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Civil Engineering- Subjects

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Structural Engineering

[tabs bg="" border="" color=""] [tab title="Syllabus"] GATE SYLLABUS: Mechanics: Bending moment and shear force in statically determinate beams. Simple stress and strain relationship: Stress and strain in two dimensions, principal stresses, stress transformation, Mohr's circle. Simple bending theory, flexural and shear stresses, unsymmetrical bending, shear centre. Thin  walled pressure vessels, uniform torsion, buckling of column, combined and direct bending […]

Geotechnical Engineering

[tabs bg="" border="" color=""] [tab title="Syllabus"] GATE SYLLABUS: Soil Mechanics: Origin of soils, soil classification,  three-phase system, fundamental definitions, relationship and interrelationships, permeability & seepage, effective stress principle, consolidation, compaction, shear strength. Foundation Engineering: Sub-surface investigations- scope, drilling bore holes, sampling, penetration tests, plate load test. Earth pressure theories, effect of water table, layered soils. Stability of slopesinfinite […]

Water Resources Engineering

[tabs bg="" border="" color=""] [tab title="Syllabus"] GATE SYLLABUS: Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics: Properties of fluids, principle of conservation of mass, momentum, energy and corresponding equations, potential flow, applications of momentum and Bernoulli's equation, laminar and turbulent flow, flow in pipes, pipe networks. Concept of boundary layer and its growth. Uniform flow, critical  flow and gradually varied flow in […]

Environmental Engineering

[tabs bg="" border="" color=""] [tab title="Syllabus"] GATE SYLLABUS: Water requirements: Quality standards, basic unit processes and  operations for water treatment. Drinking water standards, water requirements, basic  unit operations and unit processes for surface water treatment, distribution of  water. Sewage and sewerage treatment, quantity and characteristics of wastewater. Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater, sludge disposal, effluent discharge standards. […]

Transportation Engineering

[tabs bg="" border="" color=""] [tab title="Syllabus"] GATE SYLLABUS: Highway Planning: Geometric design of highways, testing and specifications of paving materials, design of flexible and rigid pavements. Traffic Engineering:  Traffic characteristics, theory of traffic flow, intersection design, traffic signs and signal design, highway capacity. JNTU SYLLABUS: UNIT I HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING: :Highway development in India – Necessity […]


[tabs bg="" border="" color=""] [tab title="Syllabus"]  GATE SYLLABUS: Importance of surveying, principles and classifications, mapping concepts, coordinate system, map projections, measurements of distance and directions, leveling, theodolite traversing, plane table surveying, errors and adjustments, curves. JNTU SYLLABUS: UNIT – I INTRODUCTION: Overview of plane surveying (chain, compass and plane table), Objectives, Principles and classifications. UNIT – II […]