B.Tech B.E Mini Projects for EEE Students

B.Tech  B.E Mini Projects for EEE Students

1. Economic Load Dispatch Using Particle Swarm Optimization

2. Study And Analysis Of A Micro Grid

3. Mathematical Modelling And Simulation Analysis Of Dc Motor (Bldc)

4. Load-Flow Analysis

5. Automatic Generation Control

6. Speed Control Of D.C Motor Using Fuzzy Logic

7. Speed Control Of D.C Motor Using Ann

8. Design Of Artificial Neural Networks For Fault Detection Of Induction Motor

9. Power System Fault Analysys

10. Automatic Generation Control Using Pi Controller

11. 24 Pulse Hvdc Back To Back Converter Transmission System

12. Analysis, Design And Control Of Voltage Source Converters Based Rectifiers

13. Power System Stability Analysis Using Equal Area Criterion

14. Power Angle Characteristics Analysis

15. Battery Base Converter System Design, Analysis And Control

16. Analysis, Design And Control Of Voltage Source Converters Based Inverters

17. Study Of Electrical Vehcle In Matlab

18. Control System Modeling And Analysis Using Matlab

19. Tuning Of Pid Controllers

20. Simulation Study Of Solar Pv Pannel Using Matlab

21.Power management system in hotels using PC

22.Automatic phase changer

23.Boiler temperature and control system

24.Over/under voltage controlling system

25.Power Station Monitoring & Controlling

26.Static Relay using controller

27.Sub-station monitoring and controlling

B.Tech  B.E Mini Projects for EEE Students

28.Current Monitor and Control System

29.Voltage Monitor and Control System

30.Automatic Street Light Controlling System using RTC

31.Automatic load sharing in substation

32.Electrical Equipments Controlling using PC

33.Electrical apparatus control in a plant

34.Power grid control through PC

35.Prepaid Energy Meter with Smart Card

36.Time Scheduling for Agricultural Plants

37.Circuit Breaker(Single Phase )

38.Automatic auditorium control system

39.Automatic College Bell

40.Advanced security system for banking Applications

41.Shopping Malls Security & Power Management System Using IR’s

42.Automatic water pump control system in tanks

43.Industrial Appliances Controlling using Remote

44.DTMF based device controlling

45.High-tech Security system for VIP houses

46.IR Based Appliance Control System

47.Controlling of Incandescent bulbs Intensity by using microcontroller

48.Temperature Dependent DC Fan Speed Control using thermister

49.Automatic darkness controlled lighting system using Triac

50.Digital Energy Meter

51.Temperature adjustable heating system using power electronic devices

52.Speed control of AC motor using IGBT

53.Light dimmer circuit for power saving in industry

54.Speed control of ceiling fan with remote

55.Dc motor speed & direction control using PWM

56.Lift control system

B.Tech  B.E Mini Projects for EEE Students

57.Automatic railway gate controller

58.Stepper motor controlling with 8051

59.Pc based DC motor controlling

60.Electronic motor starter

61.Auto scheduler for multiple machines

62.Speed control of Universal motor by Phase angle control method using TRIAC

63.Railway loop line control system

64.Involuntary industrial power scheduler using embedded systems

65.Intelligent train engines to avoid accidents

66.Automatic plant irrigation system.

67.Power saver for advertisement hoardings using RTC

68.Energy saver for automatic room light controller with visitor counter

69.Industry automation using PC

70.Implementation of sleeping timer for TVs and music systems for power saving

71.Implementation of hi tech home using PC.

72.Advanced street light controlling system using  LDR and RTC

73.Embedded power Saver for AC and Refrigerator


Without Controller Projects:


1.Intelligent Fire Detector with automatic water sprinkler system to avoid fire Accidents

2.High Sensitive LDR based Automatic night lamp with morning alarm

3.Diamond security system in museums with loud 60dB siren

4.Intelligent Automatic Street Light Control System using high sensitivity LDR

5.Over / Under Line Voltage Protection for Electrical Appliances

6.IR based intelligent Automatic washbasin / mirror lamp controller

7.Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System with water pump control

8.H- Bridge implementation for DC motor direction control for robotic applications

9.Alcohol detector

10.Smoke detector

11.Over temperature detector to control the process

12.PWM based Dc motor speed controller using 555 timer

13.Musical lights