B.Tech B.E Mini Projects for ECE Students

B.Tech B.E  Mini Projects for ECE Students

With Controller

1.Wireless theft identification using RF

2.Home device controlling using RC5 protocol

3.A Concealed Alarm based security system for intelligent building.

4.RTC based alarming system using i2c protocol

5.Temperature level monitoring and automatic control in boiler

6.PC based power management system for hotels

7.RF based wireless direction control robot

8.Stepper motor speed and direction control using PWM technique

9.Home power saving and security system using RC5 protocol

10.Smoke alert system for industries using microcontroller

11.Temperature monitoring using adc0804 for industrial application

12.Dc motor speed and direction control using PWM technique

13.Smart card based petro card management system.

14.Auditorium power saving system with visitor counting

15.IR  based intelligent railway gate controlling system

16.College security system with PIR and LDR monitoring system

17.RC5 based robot direction control using microcontroller

18.IR based automatic traffic navigating system

19.Temperature and fire monitoring system and controlling in commercial applications

20.Pc based password protected robot

21.Automatic meter reading(AMR)for prepaid electricity billing

22.Paddy crop field monitoring and pumping system using humidity sensor

23.Multi channel security system using adc0808{temp,ldr,humidity} for Green house monitoring applications

24.Automatic streetlight monitoring using IR and LDR

25.Solar tracking system and automation

26.Petrochemical level indicator and pumping system

27.Industrial 4channel security system and autodialing mechanism

28.Low cost irrigation system and water pumping

29.Industrial smoke alerting with alarming system

30.Wireless RF based temperature & LDR monitoring system with adc0808(multichannel)

31.DTMF  based home automation control system

32.Transmission line cut identifier system with wireless domain

33.Pc based industrial fault monitoring system

34.RF based wireless data encryption and decryption (with security) for military applications

35.Electrical devices controlling using TRIAC with opt-isolation mechanisms

36.Monitoring and controlling agriculture field environment.

37.Three phase fault detecting system

38.Diamond security system in museum with loud siren.

39.Bluetooth based home automation using microcontroller.

40.DTMF based robot direction controlling.

41.Embedded ATM system with audio buzzer alerting.

42.IR based automatic door opening &closing system.

43.RF  based wireless electrical equipment controlling system.

44.Anti theft alerting system for vehicle (2 wheeler) using piezoelectric mechanism.

45.Intelligent street light control while vehicle passing..

46.Embedded buzzer round system with team performance evolution.

47.MEMS  sensor based wheel chair controlling.

48.RF based wireless data transmission and reception.

B.Tech B.E  Mini Projects for ECE Students

49.Ultrasonic distance measurement & displaying system.

50.Human heart rate and temperature monitoring & displaying system.

16_Channel water level controller

1.3 phase monitor.

2.4 digital object counter.-

3.4” 2 printer sharers.

4.8-Channel water level controller.

5.8 digit pulse counter.

6.8 channel IR remote control.

7.A GPS map digitization program.

8.Ac and Dc motor control system.

9.Accident alertness in vehicles.

10.Accident identification system.

11.Accident identification with auto dialer.

12.Adaptive differential pulse code modulation a (APCM).

13.Adaptive lighting system for automobiles.

14.Addressable remote transmitter through a communication.

15.Advance encryption standard using micro control.

16.Advancer fm power line intercom.

17.Advertising display using LED & LCD.

18.Agricultural Plant watering systems.

19.Air & fuel ratio control system for fumace.

20.Air leakage detection based on pressure sensor.

21.Air pollution monitor.

22.Air velocity monitor.

23.Air fuel ration control system for furnace-.

24.Altimeter & barometer.

25.An I2C Network protocol for environmental monitoring.

26.Analysis of slip power recovery scheme.

27.Anesthesia control system for medical application.

28.Anthena circuit design for RF ID Applications.

29.Apartment multi channel fuse blown indicator & annunciation.

30.Apartment security system.

31.Artificial intelligent embedded line tracking follower robot.

32.ATM card.

33.Attendance recorder.

34.Auto path finder robotic car.

35.Auto stop motion and annunciate for knitting mills.

36.Automated pump tester.

37.Automatic traffic light system.

38.Automatic bottle filing system.

39.Automatic busfair system.

40.Automatic car parking controller using RF.

41.Automatic coil winding machine and controller.

42.Automatic digital time switch.

43.Automatic dim dipper programmable ON/OFF Timer controller.

44.Automatic dim Dipper system.

45.Automatic Door opening system.

46.Automatic drainage system for industrial pipe lines.

47.Automatic drilling system.

48.Automatic dyeing machine.

49.Automatic Electric billing system.

50.Automatic fence controller.

51.Automatic frequency counter.

52.Automatic guided vehicle.

53.Automatic humidity control for refrigerator.

54.Automatic industrial operator.

55.Automatic industrial drilling machine.

56.Automatic irrigation system with wireless transmission.

57.Automatic jogging, breaking, plugging for motors.

58.Automatic lamination machine.

59.Automatic load controller.

60.Automatic packing machine.

61.Automatic panel system.

62.Automatic panels for 3 phase motors.

63.Automatic pattern cutting m/c in garments.

64.Automatic phase changer.

65.Automatic phase changer with line voltage measurement.

66.Automatic phase selector.

67.Automatic pumping system for vehicles.

B.Tech B.E  Mini Projects for ECE Students

68.Automatic railway gate controller system.

69.Automatic room control system.

70.Automatic shutter control system with intelligent.

71.security system.

72.Automatic solar tracking system.

73.Automatic stator voltage control.

74.Automatic street light on-off controller.

75.Automatic ticketing machine.

76.Automatic traffic light controller.

77.Automatic washbasin.

78.Automatic weighing bridge.

79.Automatic wheel alignment robot.

80.Automation system using smartcard by implementing industry i2c bus.

81.Automobile performance analyzer.

82.Automobile tracking system.

83.AVR for alternators.

84.Bank card design.

85.Bank locker security system with SMS mobile alert.

86.Battery monitoring system.

87.Blood dripping system.

88.Body temperature scanning system.

89.Boiler controller.

90.Building automation system.

91.Calendar day date time month year.

92.Calibration of proximity sensor.

93.Caller –id.