Android Mobile Based Ad Boards for Offices and Restaurants

In this present market there is huge competition in every field and everyone is trying to come up with innovative and creative ideas to promote their business, for this the organization keeps changing their business plans and some shops are providing different offers every day to attract customers. This application will be used to display their shop name and their offers and for offices to display some status messages like Meeting, Holiday, Lunch break, etc. and also to display their wishes depends upon the occasion like new year, independence day, etc.  To do this we have LED boards. And due to advancements in technology, it is also easy to keep updating messages on these boards.
Especially in mobile field so many applications are being developed to give us more information and entertainment. This project is designed with a combination of two latest and most demanding technologies that are Android and Embedded Systems
Android is a Linux based operating system designed primarily for mobile devices and it is an open source.There are so many applications are already developed on Android and many applications are being developed at free of cost for its users.
We can also develop our own customized applications with free of cost or with minimum cost according to our requirements.
In this project we will create an application to update the message on electronic notice board. We have to type the message on our android phone and sends to notice boards using this application then this will be received by controlling section using Blue tooth.
At controlling system side, we have Bluetooth module, micro controller and electronic advertisement board. Whenever this blue tooth module receives a new message or offer from android application, then it transfers this information to the micro controller. Micro controller will update this new message on electronic advertisement board.
BLOCK DIAGRAM: Advertisement boards or Status boards Message updating System from Android mobile for Offices and Restaurants

Android Mobile Based Ad Boards for Offices and Restaurants
Software Tools:
KEIL IDE for developing micro controller code
ORCAD for designing schematics
PROLOAD or FLASH MAGIC for dumping the hex file into the controller
Eclipse for developing Android applications
Hardware Tools:
AT89S52 Micro controller.
LED scrolling board or LCD as advertisement board.
Bluetooth module
Regulated +5V Power supply.
Easy to use and reduces man power.
No need to connect notice board to a PC to update the message.
Safe, secured and needs low power.
It is echoing friendly; with this we can eliminate usage of paper.
It’s very attractive and eye catching.
Useful for shops, offices for advertising.
Can be used in all colleges and schools
Can be used in temples, churches, mosques, etc.
Can be used in busses and trains.