Alma Fiesta – 2017, the annual socio-cultural festival, IIT Bhubaneswar

Alma Fiesta – 2017, the annual socio-cultural festival organized by, IIT Bhubaneswar, will be held from 13th to 15th January, 2017.

The first edition of Alma Fiesta took place in 2010. Alma Fiesta heralded as “The Biggest Debutante fest of INDIA”, by the Telegraph, in its maiden year 2010, Alma Fiesta has grown to become a beacon of culture and social change.

With 150+ colleges, 20,000+ footfall , shimmering stars of “INDIAN OCEAN” , “AGNEE” AND “GAJENDRA VERMA”. ALMA has made a mark unprecedented and unachievable by its contemporaries.

An epitome of celebration, Alma Fiesta 2017 (Dawn of the Cosmic Odyssey) would be organizing events of dance, music, dramatics and fine arts. Prayatna, Youth marathon and plethora of events have not only brought out the talents but also incorporated social responsibility among the youth.

Alma Fiesta 2017 has several competitions under different categories like Music, Dance, Dramatics, Literary, Fine Arts, Quizzes, Films and Photography etc. Click here to get the details of individual competition.

You can attend the workshop on Salsa, Photography, Android, and Self Defence during the fest.

Star Nites of Alma Fiesta ’17 is would definitely get your feet on the dance floor! India’s no.1 rock band The Local Train is coming for the third starnight Lamhe.