AI Based Path Finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot

One of the most promising and exciting fields of study is artificial intelligence (AI).  Artificial intelligence is the study of making a machine takes decisions by programming it.  It is a subject involving various fields like robotics, perception of vision, understanding of speech, problem solving and expert systems. The goal of this project was to implement the most efficient and way analyzing robot. In our project, Robot is operated by battery energy. The battery is used to drive the Robot D.C motor. Experiments show that complex tasks can be accomplished in half the time if speech is used as a mode of interaction.  Mostly these intelligent robots do tasks potentially hazardous to humans.


Robotics is the science of designing and Building robots suitable for real life applications in automated manufacturing and other non-manufacturing environments.  Robots are the means of performing multiple activities for man’s welfare in the most planned and integrated manner, maintaining their own flexibility to do any work, effecting enhanced productivity, guaranteeing quality, assuring reliability and ensuring safety of the workers.
Science fiction has no doubt contributed to the development of robotics, by planting ideas in the minds of sound people who might embark on careers in robotics, and by creating awareness among the public about their technology, we should also identify certain technological developments over the years that have contributed to the substance of robotics.

In our project lead-acid battery is used. The lead-acid batteries output is given to the control unit. Control unit having four relays, they are connected to the two D.C motor in Forward and reverse rotation of operation.

Relay 1        –    Forward Direction
Relay 2        –    Left Turn
Relay 3        –    Right Turn

At first vehicle is moving in a forward direction when the switch is on. The IR transmitter and receiver circuit is used in our project. The sensor is used to senses the obstacle in the vehicle path (Because it is fixed in front of the vehicle). It is giving the signal to the control unit whenever the obstacle. Then the control unit activates the proper relay so that the vehicle turns in the left direction for a particular time period. Then the vehicle turns right suddenly.
Then once again sensor senses the obstacle, and giving signal to the control unit
If the obstacle is until there, then left turn and after wards right turn. Then once again goes to the above procedure.
If there is no obstacle, the vehicle moves on forward direction and senses the obstacle. Then, once again goes to the above procedure.
The straight line motion is provided in the back wheel drive with the help of spur gear mechanism. The straight line movement of the Path Finding Robot is done by the D.C. motor (12 V/ 2A). The motor is fixed on the rear wheel shaft of the Robot with the help of proper arrangement.
The Left/Right motion is provided in the front wheel drive with the help of rack and pinion mechanism. The left/right movement of the Path Finder is done by another d.c motor (12 V/ 2A). The motor is fixed at the front wheel shaft of the Robot with the help of proper arrangement.
AI Based Path Finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot1

1.    Materials handling
2.    Machine loading and unloading
3.    Open field work.
4.    Remote area Analyzing Application
5.    It is also used in research application
Emissions are greatly decreased.
It can reduce dependency on fossil fuels because they can run on alternative fuels.
Special lightweight materials are used to reduce the overall robot weight.
Video Camera Attached
Automatic path finding robot

High Initial cost.
Charger circuit is used to charging the battery.

AI Based Path Finding Cum Video Analyzing Robot2