Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant

The design and fabrication  carbon manufacturing prototype plant is a Chemical powered system (CPS). On electric AC motor to drive the gear drive and actual experimental setups, in the generation of the deactivated carbon.  The aim of this project is to produce activated carbon from coir pith with drastic elimination in cost.

SINCE limits in the availability, technological changes, locations of resources, prices and use of certain fuels have required the use of new sources of energy.
Which renders it more effective for the adsorption of gas/vapor and for the removal of color and odor of compounds. The activated carbon is extensively used in the refining and bleaching of vegetable oils and chemical solutions, water purification, recovery of solvents and other vapors, recovery of gold, in gas masks for protection against toxic gases, in filters for providing adequate protection against war gases/nuclear fall outs, etc.


Waste products taken from wood industries dry for two to three days.  Then wooden waste dried is taken and mixed with Nacl with a proportionate rate of 1:4.

Then the motor was switched ON.  Thus screw conveyor rotates.  Then a proportionate mixture of sodium chloride and wood dust was put inside the hopper.  The conveyor has taken it in the hopper. As the wood waste burnt inside the extruder with Nacl.  The Nacl prevents the wood dust from forming of ash while heating.  The heat produced around is 200^c. The sawdust is burnt completely and taken away as deactivated carbon by the conveyor.  The carbon is fed down through the bend pipe.

Then the carbon getting out have to be dipped in the cones. Hcl hydrochloric acid, which was mixed with water with a permanent proportionate rate of (1:10).  Thus, it will now form as diluted Hydro Choloric Acid.  The deactivated cabin was dipped in the acid for a few seconds.  Thus the chloride content present in carbon is removed by the chlorine present inside the Hcl.   RESULT IS Activated carbon”.


Activated carbon is used for VOC abatement in the following applications:

Groundwater remediation
Soil vapor extraction and air sparing
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
Coating and Printing Industries
Degreasing and cleaning
Solvent Recovery
Tank venting
Ventilation and air conditioning systems


1.     Pollution is   controlled
2.     Waste   recycles
3.    The  price  of  very  low
Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant