AC motor speed controller through Android mobile

In many applications, there is need to control the speed of AC motors. To achieve a required speed level with some methods power is getting wasted and some methods are not giving enough number of speed levels. And sometimes it’s dangerous to humanity as human has to touch the equipment to control the speed level of motors the But with the advancement in technology, now we can control the speed levels up to 10 and more also to give more comfort and safety to users.
Especially in mobile field so many applications are being developed to give us more information and entertainment. This project “AC motor speed controller through Android mobile” is designed with a combination of two latest and most demanding technologies that are Android and Embedded Systems
Android is a Linux based operating system designed primarily for mobile devices and it is an open source. There are so many applications are already developed on Android and many applications are being developed at free of cost for its users.
We can also develop our own customized applications with free of cost or with minimum cost according to our requirements.
In this project we will create an application to control the speed of the motor. Whenever we operate this application, it sends commands to our controlling system through blue tooth.
At controlling system side, we have Bluetooth module, micro controller and Ac motor controlling circuits, zero cross detector circuit to help the speed controlling method. Whenever this blue tooth module receives commands from android application, then it transfers this command to the micro controller. Micro controller will control the speed of an AC motor to the respective level depends upon the command it received
This is very safe and secure and also we can control many loads without getting harmed to the operator

AC motor control

Software Tools:
KEIL IDE for developing micro controller code
ORCAD for designing schematics
PROLOAD or FLASH MAGIC for dumping the hex file into the controller
Eclipse for developing Android applications

Hardware Tools:
AT89S52 Micro controller.
MOC3021 for driving TRIACs.
BT136 for controlling the AC motor.
Zero cross detector
Bluetooth module
Regulated +5v Power supply.
Android based mobile.
No need of separate remote or switchboards for controlling the AC motor
Protection from shock while operating and secured
Easy to use,  physically challenged people can also operate
Power saver.
Can also take feedback from the motor
Fan speed controlling
Home automation
Machines controlling system in industry
Motor speed controlling systems, Light intensity controlling systems