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GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q20

20. The magnitude of three phase fault currents at buses A and B of a power system are $$10pu and 8pu$$, respectively. Neglect all resistances in the system and consider the pre-fault system to be unloaded. The pre-fault voltage at … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q19

19. In a 100 bus power system, there are 10 generators. In a particular iteration of Newton Raphson load flow technique (in polar coordinates), two of the PV buses are converted to PQ type. In this iteration, Solution: The number … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q18

18.In the given circuit, the current by the battery, in ampere, is _______ Solution: Applying KCL at node A, $$-I_{1}+I_{2}+I_{2}=0$$ $$2I_{2}=I_{1}\rightarrow 0$$ And applying KVL in loop ABCD, $$1-I_{1}-I_{2}-I_{2}=0$$ $$I_{1}+2I_{2}=1\rightarrow 2$$ From 1 and 2 $$2I_{2}+2I_{2}=1$$ $$4I_{2}=1$$ $$I_{2}=\frac{1}{4}A$$ And$$I_{1}=2\chi \frac{1}{4}=\frac{1}{2}A$$ … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q17

17. In the portion of a circuit shown, if the heat generated in $$5\Omega$$ resistance is 10 calories per second, then heat generated by the $$4\Omega$$resistance, in calories per second, is _________. Solution:   $$\left ( 2I \right )^{2}\times 5=10$$ $$I_{2}=10\setminus … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q16

16. In a constant V/f induction motor drive, the slip at the maximum torque solution: Has an inverse relation with the synchronous speed.   Subscribe to Thesis123 YouTube Channel by Clicking ( HERE ) For  FREE Video Courses

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q15

15. Ra and Rb are the input resistances of circuits as shown below. The circuits extend infinitely in the direction shown. Which one of the following statements is TRUE? Solution: If the equivalent resistance of first figure is R_{a}then from … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q14

14. A soft iron toroid is concentric with a long straight conductor carrying a direct current I. If the relative permeability \mu_{r} of soft iron is 100, the ratio of the magnetic flux densities at two adjacent points located just … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q13

13. In cylindrical coordinate system, the potential produced by a uniform ring charge is given by ϕ = f(r, z) where f is a continuous function of r and z. Let E be the resulting electric field. Then the magnitude … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q12

12. A transistor circuit is given below. The Zener diode breakdown voltage is 5.3V as shown. Take base to emitter voltage drop to be 0.6V. The value of the current gain $$\beta$$  is ________.  Solution: $$V_{B} = 5.3V$$ $$V_{E}= V_{B}-0.6= … Continue reading

GATE 2016 EE (SET 1) Q11

11.. Consider the following circuit which uses a 2 to 1 multiplexer as shown in the figure below. The Boolean expression for output F in terms of A and B is?  Solution: In the given multiplexer, $$I_0=\bar{A},I_1=A$$ Select$$= B$$ $$F … Continue reading