Monthly Archives: August 2015

Anti-Lock Braking System

The aim this project Anti-Lock Braking System is to design and develop a control system based on breaking system of an electronically controlled safely automotive wheel braking system. Based on this model, control strategies such as an ‘antilock braking system’ … Continue reading

Degree Turning Steering Mechanism

In this project we are fabricate the four wheel drive with 90 degree rotation. This is a new innovative concept. Here we are doing the equipment by the following arrangements with motor, chain drive, keypad, vehicle model, battery and control … Continue reading

Film Roll Cutter

To measure the length of the film roll in order to include certain specific length of film on the roll. The Film roll cutter is very useful in the industry in Film roll manufacture. The industry would manufacture, Film rolls … Continue reading

Coffee Maker

The object of this project Coffee Maker is to make coffee automatically without human interference. This project is designed with the Microcontroller Mechanical arrangement, solenoid calves and DC Motors. In this project we are using two tanks in which one … Continue reading