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Learn MATLAB Online Free For All Students

Learn MATLAB Online Free For All Students Dear Students, We welcome you to Thesis123! We are really happy to interact  with you and train you. Please email us for queries  accessing  the material and others related issues. The syllabus covering … Continue reading

EEPS 0104 Genetic algorithm solution to economic dispatch with multiple fuel options

Description The economic load dispatch problem is allocating loads to plants   for minimum cost while meeting the constraints. It is formulated as an optimization problem of minimizing the total fuel cost of all committed plant while meeting the demand and … Continue reading

EEPS 0103 study and analysis of a microgrid

Description This  deals with the load frequency control of Distributed Generation Systems (DGS) consisting of Wind, Solar and Diesel Generator. The Diesel Generator is controlled either by P or PI or PID controller to inject a regulated amount of real … Continue reading

EEPS 0102: Artificial intelligence based Power Quality Detection

Description Power quality is an electromagnetic phenomena that characterize voltage and current at a given point and location. PQ events comprise of disturbances in the power system which interferes with the normal flow of current or voltage and thereby distorting … Continue reading

EEE Paper Presentation Topics

Paper presentation IEEE offers a wide range of learning, career enhancement, and employment opportunities within the engineering sciences, research, and other technology areas. The goal of these programs is to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge among professionals and … Continue reading

EEPS 0101: Economic Load Dispatch using GA PSO ANN

Description This project on Economic Load Dispatch using genetic algorithms (GA),particle swarm optimization (PSO), artificial neural network (ANN) executed in MATLAB. The problem of efficient, economic and optimal operation of a power system has always occupied an important position in … Continue reading

EEPS 0100: Allocation of reactive power purchased

Description In an open way in transmission system, the costs of each additional service will be unblocked. This method proposes a straight forward allocation of the cost of reactive power purchased by contract or from a bidding market. This method … Continue reading