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DC MOTOR SPEED AND DIRECTION CONTROL USING RF The main aim of the project is to design a versatile device that can control DC devices which draw up to a few amps of current. The circuit may be used in … Continue reading

Simple Messenger Development Without Internet

The project Simple Messenger development without internet is a very simple project which can replace the existing chatting systems. Chatting systems are very much important and play a crucial role in present day lives. Most of the users use these … Continue reading

Patient Monitoring using RF

This project includes the branch of Biomedical Engineering. This project aims at monitoring the patient’s health conditions continuously. The parameters like the pulse rate, pressure, blood sugar, urea content in the blood are to be monitored continuously. In other words, … Continue reading

Automatic Station Indication System For Railways

With the title itself, one can understand that this project is exclusively used to give the information of the forthcoming station to the passengers in the train. Most of the passengers do not bother about the stations arriving until their … Continue reading

Advanced Embedded remote robot using rf

Advanced Embedded remote robot using rf   Advanced Embedded remote robot using rf  describes a new economical solution of robot control systems. The presented robot control system can be used for different sophisticated robot applications. The control system consists of an RF transmitter and receiver, a microcontroller that collects data from the … Continue reading

Wireless Electronic Notice Board using RF

Notice boards play a vital role mostly in educational institutions. The events, occasions or any news, which has to be passed to the students, will be written on the notice boards present in every floor in the colleges or schools. … Continue reading

Wireless Data Logger using RF Communication

The project deals with the design and development of hardware and software for eight channel data logger system. A data logger (also datalogger or data recorder) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location … Continue reading

RF based Industrial Automation System

In industries, there will be various loads to be operated and these loads are to be operated at some specific intervals according to our requirements and also based on the device’s constraints. For these purposes, a person should be employed … Continue reading

Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption For Security In Army Applications

Everyone in this world wants to be safe and secure. Even a small kid tries to protect his toys in a safe place. The situation becomes more complicated when it comes to Multinational companies, Military, Army. Even a common man … Continue reading

Weather Monitoring System In Remote Places Using GSM

The objective of this project is to develop a weather monitoring system and monitor the parameters like temperature, humidity, light intensity etc in remote places. Different sensors are used for different parameter measurement. Since all the sensors outputs analog values, … Continue reading